Evil Factory: Retro arcade mobile game by Nexon

Evil Factory: Retro Arcade Styled Android Game Packed with Epic Boss Battles

Do you miss classic arcade games?

Neople and Nexon Mobile miss them too, so they have joined their forces to create their newest game, Evil Factory, which, despite its modern format, will take you back to the 80s when 8 bits characters would run around behind your screen, destroying stuff and having epic battles under your command; combining the retro style and the arcade genre, the responsible Korean based video game design company behind Dungeon Fighter Online will offer newer players the opportunity to enjoy a good classic like they used to be, or at least give them the closest to that kind of experience they can provide (and of course, help older players remember).

Evil Factory Features

Whether you played 8 bits retro games as a kid or not, Evil Factory is the kind of game you can easily get hooked up to. So, if you have an Android device, you might want to keep reading and even get to discover one of the most promising of the games of this year (so far).

In Evil Factory, you’ll guide Leo, our short-tempered hero, through a pretty much suicide mission: destroying a building in which gigantic, evil creatures that represent a threat for the world are inside and, yeah, kill all of his enemies. The thing is he’ll have to go floor by floor, defeating each floor’s respective boss (and their minions, of course) until getting to the last floor, where he’ll finally encounter the Kraken.

The more you move forward, the more challenges you find on your way to the top of the building, and the harder bosses get to defeat; we, our hero’s helping hand, will have to customize his suit and improve his weapon arsenal so he has better chances to make it through really intense battles. Wrapped up in a very 80s-like art style and an electronic soundtrack (very typical of the decade they took their inspiration from), Evil Factory offers a classic, challenging playability.

Evil Factory Review

Something else that would be worth mentioning is that as you move through the building, you’ll be able to find hidden cartridges, with which you’ll unlock different arcade minigames. If that’s not enough to make you keep playing, you also have weapon improvements, characters progression, world rankings and weekly events.

You can get Evil Factory for free on the Play Store and download it on to your Android device, but this is ultimately a free-to-play game, so you will find it does contain in-app purchases. All in all, it’s a great game and giving it a shot wouldn’t hurt anyone.



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