Evie launcher: Elegant and fast as any

After its presentation in the US by its developer, Evie Launcher reaches Google Play for all. The application launcher and can now be installed and promess features that make the app more interesting when customizing the home screen of your smartphone Android option. Here you can check the main features and tools included that make it really attractive.

Customization is one of the strengths of Android and the so called launchers are some of the key pieces to make it so. That is because regardless of the tools and features that can bring the operating system, the access to these applications allows us to adjust the customizing of your smartphone to its fullest. A reference in this regard is Nova Launcher, although the list of options in this regard is very wide, i think you will enjoy this app.

Evie Launcher

International launch of Evie Laucher

To understand what Evie Laucher offers, the first is to understand precisely what it is.

What is a launcher in Android?

Mainly, we can define launcher software as part of the Android platform that lists and facilitate the implementation of the applications installed on our system. From here, both the native launchers and the alternative ones available on Google Play, add extra features and sections that makes them unique. In this sense, Nova Launcher has become the main reference in the Android app store for its versatility and performance. It is one of the slogans of the application: developed by Android users thinking of Android users.
Search engine all in one

Evie Launcher, offers a search engine in which the full capacity of the launcher is centralized. In this box we can find all types of content, information and software from a specific term. So, we can find a contact by just typing part or its full name. In addition to the apps installed, Evie Launcher offers a fusion in its search to other online services and alternatives such as restaurants, directions, movies and many other content.

In parallel, Evie Launcher has different screens from which to access and manage apps, widgets and launcher own settings by simply swiping. In this respect, the default launcher customization is very minimalist, but what makes it special is the ability to transfer settings and software customization from many previous launchers to Evie launcher.