Everfilter: Transforms your photos into works of animated art

everfilter android

Photo editing apps are nothing new; they don’t seem to be special anymore. And apps that offer lots of filters stopped being the hit they were, as there are already many apps this kind; they must have something really unique to stand out.

What’s funny about EverFilter is that, despite the fact that it offers two filters only, it has quite the potential, especially within a certain community.  It might not do too much, but what it can do, is totally great

EverFilter is one of the at least thousand apps for adding filters to your photo, but with it, the picture can be turned into something rather cute and cool by giving it an artsy touch.

Thich can be accomplished thanks to the artificial intelligence neural network, that just like with Prisma. In this case, the app retouches and personalizes the sky in the picture, applying a type of HDR effect.

Everfilter Features

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If you are a fan anime or manga, there’s a high chance you will most likely enjoy this app, turning pictures you’ve taken into something completely new and beautiful out of something ordinary with a one of the most authentic popular Japanese pictorial style. EverFilter is so easy to use anyone can do it.

Unlike many apps its kind, EverFilter is very simple, and won’t allow any user to change any parameters. Users will only have to pick a picture from their gallery, a filter (day or night) and then wait a few seconds until the app’s software has done its magic! It can end up different ways everytime, but it will be always based in the Japanese art style.

By applying this artsy, unique, gorgeous filter, you will get terrific results! The only thing you should consider is that the effect is accomplished in a 50% due to some value interchanges of the sky.

The other 50% due to the modification that’s carried out by the artificial intelligence neural network and that gives the picture an effect halfway through and HDR photography and a cartoon. Then, you can get better effects if you use landscapes pictures or pictures taken outdoors in general.

Everfilter Review

You can simply ignore this recommendation, but it won’t be the same. If you decide to try EverFilter with other kind of pictures, it will still change the colors, brightness and contrast on it, but it definitely won’t look as good, because there won’t be a sky to modify the picture based on.

You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store and start applying the effect on your pictures, and maybe even look like an anime drawing!