Enjoy football everywhere with Android and FIFA Mobile Futbol

If you are a football games simulator fan, I’m sure you already know the whole line video games that made EA SPORTS completely famous for their excellent games for video consoles that they release every year. In fact, FIFA 16 achieved a world record of sales a few days after its release. So we are confident that you’ll love this Android game. Try it yourself and discover all the entertainment that Electronic Arts brings you with FIFA Football Mobile.

Is it good the new mobile version of FIFA?

We know very well that the mobile versions of the games of EA SPORTS have earned some bad reputation among users for various reasons, the graphics do not work well with small screens or the game is too heavy for the device causing some slowdowns and other functions to stop working or the same game from sticking. For this reason so many users have made a bad prejudice and avoid testing new versions. By prejudice you could be missing great apps, be sure to try thisn one before saying anything.

With this release, FIFA Mobile Futbol innovates in many ways from the rest of its kind. While it is still a little heavy, it is very understandable for a game with such graphics needs to be weighed; however, it is lighter than many others. It has an energy saving system for the battery of your device that makes it hold a little more and a very good system that prevents the overheating of the CPU of your device. Our personal recommendation is that you play from a tablet instead of a phone so you can enjoy everything that brings this entertaining game.

How FIFA Mobile Futbol is played?

Fifa mobile gameplay

If you’ve ever played any of the EA SPORTS mobile games then you already know a little how the dynamics of FIFA Mobile Futbol will be. Start by placing the device horizontally to start the fun. Obviously the game is not as complete as the games for video game consoles, the mobile versions re always reduce versions of them, but have everything necessary to have nice and long hours of fun.

With this game you can make penalty kicks games, games court up to 5 minutes and practices. A very good thing that brings this version is the interactive tutorials that will teach you to do all the gols in each game. You can also choose your favorite team among many leagues with your favorite player, each with his uniform of home and visitor.
What you will really love about FIFA Mobile Futbol is the sharpness of graphics that has nothing to envy to video game consoles. This game was designed for fans of all ages, from children to adults who have adored this game.

Ideal to give a good fun time wherever you are, it is free and does not require internet connection to play (it does to download any upgrade or buy new items). Dare to try this fabulous game for your Android and leave a comment for the rest to know.