Either: A classic reivented for Android

Either android app

As technology advances, our lives only improve and improve and get at least a bit easier every time. Mobiles devices have made a bunch of things not only easier, but also much more accessible and faster: tasks that would take us a while to complete, done within a few minutes.

Research, quick communication, lists, booking, even purchases. Of course, in spite of apps and mobile device’s practicality, the usage people give them is not always the most useful or constructive, but that’s fine, because we need entertainment as well.

No wonder the app market is packed with games, then. We get a lot of options to choose from, therefore, it’s a very competitive market, but there are certain things we can’t just help but love. For example, we all kind of stick to old classics. That’s where Either’s success comes from.

Either Features

Either features android

We’ve all played Would You Rather? at least once in this lifetime. So, there isn’t much to explain about Either and its gameplay concept: Either is a trivia app, where you’re given two options but have to pick only one.

This kind of game lets you have a glimpse of your or someone else’s real thoughts, and reveals a lot more than you’d expect. Hypothetical situations (and questions) make us think and think over different matter, and here’s where we’d face reality and how it is portrayed in dependence of people’s points of view.

It might cause a few disagreements here and there, but in the game, it’s quite a harmless game, unless you let it take the best of you.

Either is really simple. You’re shown a question and two answers, of which you have to pick one, and once you have already done that, you’ll be shown what percentage of people has chosen each option.  If you play Either and end up liking it, you can set up an account, log in, and have other features available: you’d be able to comment on questions, submit questions yourself, and even have access to +18 questions content.

Either Review

Either for android 2

Either is available on the Google Play Store, but there are two versions of it: one that is free but ad-supported, and one that is paid, but completely ad-free. The latter costs $0,99, so you might use that lose change to purchase it if you like how that sounds.

Get your hands on your Android device, download Either and have lots of fun alone or with your friends reading some of the most absurd questions!