Earn Money Downloading Apps With App Karma

AppKarma is a new cellphone app that offers many ways to make money using only those decives and great prizes you could trade; basically, you can earn money with this app by downloading more apps.

This is one of the best and most popular apps for making money in this year 2016. Making money online and making money on your phone is now possible and way easier.

The first thing we gotta do is download the app and then we can proceed to signing up to use it. It is totally safe since it has been paying its users without fail for a year.

AppKarma preview

The minimun amount you can withdraw is $3. It Works with Paypal, Amazon Gift Cards, ITunes, Google Play, Steam, Xbox and Play Station.

You will easily find the app in the playstore

It has no restrictions and allows all countries.

appKarma: How to Make Money and Gift Cards

Once we’re inside the app, we’ll see 4 sections, where will work and accumulate points; if you’ve made money from your cellphone in the past with other apps, you’ll be familiarized with this. If not, we’ll explain every section.

  • Offers 1

This is the classic section where we’ll find apps to download. Karma Quizzis is a function that will let us earns some points answering easy questions related to the app itself. If it weren’t enough with that, we get a daily bonus that will get us some points just by visiting the section day after day.

  • Offers 2

This section is similar to the previous; we’ll see in here apps to download; taking a look at the instructions is very helpful. Generally, it’s enough with downloading the app, but sometimes, in other occasions, you’ll have to open the aforesaid app for a few minutes or complete a certain action, like reaching certain level or getting a minimum amount of scores, among other requirements the offer might have.

  • Popular

This section won’t help us accumulating points directly, but reading what’s here might help us when it comes the time to answer the Karma

  • Videos

Points for watching videos. The maximum amount of videos you can watch a day approaches 15 videos.

As you can see, the procedure is easy. Some advice: it’s convenient to open the apps within the next 30 seconds after its download so that you are given the pertinent Karma Points.

appKarma Review

It’s a very good app. You can make a modest amount of money with it, enough for your whims on Steam, if you use it for long enough. And as incredible as it sounds, you won’t get bored while using AppKarma.

It is one of the best apps in the Android market to make money, from those that do pay; with this you can confirm that it is perfectly possible to earn money with your cellphone. AppKarma demonstrates that it’s easy to make money this way. Plus, it has a referral system, from which you can obtain even a 30% from what your referral generate without taking anything from them. Perfect for inviting all of your friends.