Dumb Ways To Die Try to avoid them

Safety is first. This is a good thing to keep in mind when you’re about to do something stupid; with some common sense, you will be able to stay safe for a while. At least, with a decent dose of it, you will avoid certain accidents that could possibly lead to death, somehow.

Yep, it’s definitely something you should keep in mind. It’s always a good day to avoid death, so, just to remind you that, and in order to promote safety in the rails, Australia’s public service, Metro Train, launched the Dumb Ways To Die campaign.

This campaign quickly became viral, and after a year, based on a song and a video stared by cute characters, Metro Trains launched an app. Due to the video popularity’s, the public service decided to take the campaign one step further and make the message even clearer as more and more people had access to it.

Dumb Ways To Die the app

Dumb ways to die android

Dumb Ways To Die, the app, is a compendium of a series of hectic, fun mini-games of which objective is to stop our dumb characters from doing whatever they’re doing that’s putting their lives in risk; the game will be spiced up by a gradual growth of the difficulty and an addictive music background. As for the art design, we could say it’s morbidly adorable.

The game is about… exactly what the title indicates: dumb ways to die. So, even though the cartoonish characters seem cute, if you don’t look out, you might find a much gory version of them. It seriously depicts what it promises: death by setting yourself on fire, eating a tube of super glue, or selling both your kidneys on the Internet. Dumb Ways To Die has a somewhat dark humor, but it’s part of its charm.

Dumb Ways To Die features

Through the gameplay, you’ll be put to test by having to avoid utterly stupid ways to die for as long as possible (as the more you progress, the harder it gets). To complete each mini-game, you will be given a specific objective, which you’ll have to accomplish within a certain time, as each level is timed. Every time you successfully do so, you will be given 100 points, and from time to time, bonus points.

Also, every time you beat your own record, and if you reach a certain amount of points by the time you die, you will have gained a new, rather pretty character to display on the train station. You have three lives per game, so make the most of them and try hard to get them all.

You can download the app on your Android device from the Google Play for free. The app does not contain in-app purchases, so it is absolutely free! What are you waiting for?