That Dragon Cancer: Heartbreaking Story

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Ryan and Amy Green’s family went through a tough experience when they lost their third son, Joel, after his long battle against cancer; he had been diagnosed at age 1 with the disease, but lived 4 years more, and died at age 5 on March, 2014. As a coping mechanism, his parents created That Dragon, Cancer

That Dragon Cancer is a graphic, immersive adventure where the player can watch how Joel and his parents face and fight throughout their struggle. In 14 fragments, you’ll see them on the toughest, most emotive moments of their experience, but at the same time, you’ll also see how many of these are softened and even sweetened, turning a gray, sad story into something amazingly touching. The game starts when Joel is diagnosed, and ends when he dies.

That Dragon Cancer Features

Dragon Cancer Android

This could be hardly considered a videogame; it’s maybe more of an interactive story, with a few mini games here and there, but That Dragon Cancer is unlike any other thing you’ve seen. You can tap and swipe on the screen, poke on buttons to move around or to interact with items.

That Dragon Cancer is simply a tremendously moving story, even tragic. Mini games, that are actually metaphors that represent events within Joel’s story, will give you a thing or two to think about.

The way in which That Dragon Cancer depicts death and how it should be faced. However, in this game, death is unavoidable, and that makes it somewhat special, yet heartbreaking.

When it comes to graphics, we’ll notice very quickly it’s something quite particular: scenarios are full of pastel color, and even though characters really don’t have faces or distinctive traits, you will be able to see how they develop and transform throughput the gameplay.

When you see cancer cells, you’ll see them painted in black, threatening and groom, while Joel’s medicines will be painted in a fluorescent green, like something you know isn’t right, like it shouldn’t be there.

That Dragon Cancer Review

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That Dragon Cancer is not a conventional creation, and even though its main topic has been talked about in many other stories, this is just different. It’s an interesting proposal, but if you’re interested in the title, you should be aware and keep in mind its emotional charge. Prepare for having your heart broken

You can download the game on any Android device from the Google Play Store for $4,99, and watch as Joel’s story develops and sadly ends.