Don’t Touch the Spikes: Android addicting games

There are already thousands and thousands of Flappy Bird spin-offs on the Google Play. However, Ketchapp Games gladly added another one to the list; but unlike many others its kind, with this game, Don’t Touch The Spikes has completely reinvented the concept. So, there is indeed a bird involved, but players will have to do so much more than just going through a bunch of pipes.

The game’s name is rather self-explanatory: you’ll have to guide your bird, making his wings flap by tapping the screen till it touches a wall and avoid the deadly spikes. As it flies from side to side, you have to plan your bird’s trajectory and put your timing to test. While you dodge the obstacles, you will find candies on your way, which you can collect to unlock new characters or use on different game modes.

By making your bird bounce off a wall, you’ll be earning points, and therefore, increasing your score. It personally drives me insane as it makes me to beat my last record, but that’s not the only thing Don’t Touch The Spikes records; it also records the amount of times you’ve played. That keeps me at bay.

Don’t Touch the Spikes Features

Dont touch the spikes android

As it was already mentioned, there are several games modes, and these are the following:

  • This is just the classic game mode where you make your birds avoid the spikes and collect candies, as it was explained before. You just have to click on the middle of the home screen, on a button, and you’ll automatically start playing
  • Two Player. As simple as that: the screen is divided in two sections and two birds pop up so you can play with someone else.
  • In the Duel mode, you’ll be facing an AI controlled bird; you have to win three rounds so you can win the game. This is the easiest, fastest way to get candies, but the more you play, the harder it gets, but rewards grow exponentially better as well.
  • This is pretty much like the classic game mode, expect for the spikes, which are now moving and that it’s all pitch dark. To move around and actually kind of see what you’re doing, you bird wears a helmet, but it might not be too much of a help at the beginning. Of course, you can upgrade the helmet (with candies) and get a better chance not to die and gather the crystals you’ll find around. You can purchase more characters with those crystals.
  • This will be your bird’s sanctuary. The nice it looks, the more birds it will attract; so make sure to plant a lot of trees. You’ll be able to get diamonds from the birds you have, with which you can upgrade your park and purchase unique birds.


Dont touch the spikes android 2

In general, it’s an easy, nice game; simple yet incredibly amusing. You can enjoy it anywhere, whenever you want it, if you download it on your Android device, for free from the Google Play Store.