Don’t Starve: is an uncompromising wilderness survival game

Don’t Starve is one of those survival, exploration indie games where the main character, Wilson, the Gentleman Scientist, will try not to die from starvation, cold, or much less natural causes.

In an almost ridiculously dangerous world where nearly everything you encounter threatens his life, you’ll have to watch Wilson’s back at every moment and be really, really cautious. Or persistent, as the strange, dark world where Wilson is dragged by the Devil, seems to be predisposed to kill him because of the smallest, dumbest things.

Don’t Starve certainly does justice to its own name, as the main goal of game is not to starve: to live as much as possible, without starving. Or just avoiding death in general.

You’ll have to be extra careful and keep an eye for everything that might seem slightly suspicious, as this underworld is packet with weird, awful creatures; also extra clever, as you need to keep your Scientist safe from other things such as the weather and numerous diseases that will creep up on Wilson.

Don’t Starve Features

Dont Starve android 2

As soon as you start playing, you’ll realize there are no instructions; no hints, no help. It’s all based on all the exploring you do around. You start from scratch, have nothing with you, but eventually, your character will learn new skills and earn new items, so it can struggle for survival.  The only objective you’re given is “not to starve”.  That could not be misinterpreted, but let’s widen the concept: don’t die, in any way.

You gotta travel around the world and explore the entire map in search of ways to survive; you’ll be looking for food and other material so you can craft basic tools to make your way on this hell of an environment as you fight terrible monsters. Play however you want it and discover this land’s secrets.

Death on Don’t Starve is absolutely permanent and dying means to lose it all; if you die, you’ll lose all the progress you might have achieved and go back to the beginning, to start from scratch. Unless, of course, you save the game before that happens. Try to do that as often as possible, because you never know what’s going to happen next.

Don’t Starve Review

The graphics and aesthetics of the game are just spectacular and marvelous. The futuristic, spooky looks are something that will hook any fan of the genre, and the music is simply great, very fitting.

However, Don’t Starve isn’t a free game: it cost $4,99 on the Play Store but it’s definitely worth it. You won’t regret spending that loose change on it, so get your hands on an Android device as download it as soon as possible!