DigitalDutz: the ideal buddy for your Halloween costume

People tend to dress up in these dates and we know how important it is for our costume stand out above the rest of the people.

Many times, an impressive costume ends up being really expensive, and the option to do it all from scratch; although appealing for many, it can also be quite inconvenient but as long as they stand out from the rest, people can do many things.

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details, and in this case it could not be more correct. With the proper placement of a detail here or there, you can make your costume amazing. This means great news for Android users; we are going to talk about DigitalDutz.

DigitalDutz app features 

digitaldubz preview 1

This is an interesting app designed by the people from Morph Costumes to match with their costumes. The idea is quite simple but revolutionary: take your Morph costume and your cellphone and make an interesting, interactive costume.

This is a line of costumes by aforementioned brand that comes with a pocket especially designed for your cell in order to place it strategically so that it becomes the central piece of the costume, to give it more life than never before.

There are several costume options: a zombie, a killer clown, a cyclops; at least, if we’re talking about masks. There are also full costumes as iron man, which uses the pocket to give the costume this character’s most jocular, fascinating characteristic.

Of course, the application was made to match with this brand’s fun costumes, but that does not mean you can’t download it and let your imagination loose to make your own costume and tweak it with such stunning details.

DigitalDutz Review


DigitalDutz available on the Play Store for free, and it is very easy to use. You only have to choose the “detail” you want to use, and it will be shown on your smartphone’s screen; you can change the size and location of it so that it fits perfectly in your costume, and thus, stand out above others.

There are many effect options, such as worms, pulsating bodies, crossed eyes, crazy, robot eyes and more.

What are you waiting for? You might not have the possibility to purchase these fun costumes, but nothing stops you from download this app and apply these fun details to your costume improvisations. Halloween is coming and you have to have your costume ready to amaze all your friends.