DataBot: Virtual Assistant for your Android

Apple users may have Siri, but Android and Windowsphone users can also enjoy a virtual assistant of their own. There are many options, and one of these is DataBot, the protocol droid.

It will act as a virtual secretary that will help you organize yourself and perform many different tasks who will answer to voice commands. What it can do for you is every time more and more as it improves constantly, but for now, we can name some of the ways this wonderful app can be used.

DataBot App has different features and modules, which will allows us to make the most out of this useful app, saving us some time and effort. In other words, it will make things easier for us, as it will be the virtual assistant doing them, instead of users.

So, what does it do? It answers questions or requests in dependence of its capacities, which are summarized in the modules stored in its memory. At the same time, these modules contain commands and services.

There are many of those modules but not all of them are available for free. These can be acquired only after the user reaches a certain amount of experience points, which can be earned by using the app or by buying them. So even though the app is available for free at the App Store, it does contain in-app purchases.

DataBot App Features 

Data Bot preview 1

Among those “capacities” we mentioned before, we can quickly name a few: answer questions about famous people, characters or any other topic, tell you jokes or riddles, set alarm clocks, search for your daily horoscope, make appointments, even chat with you! But if you want the specifics of what this virtual assistant can do, we can name that too.

When we said it could act as a secretary, we meant it. It can perform the same tasks as one, and many others. But as we also mentioned, it depends on its modules; those are the following:

  • Basic
  • Secretary
  • Person
  • Character
  • Joke
  • Horoscope
  • Quote
  • Riddle
  • Brain Train

Or at least, those are the modules the app offers for free. Upgrades and other modules can be bought with experience points; if you’re interested in acquiring the other modules, those are the following:

  • Dictionary
  • City & Country
  • Sounds
  • Football Club & Football National Team
  • Weather
  • News


However, either you type or speak the commands, your virtual assistant (which, by the way, you can name yourself and customize later) will quickly perform the task you’re asking for without failure, as long as it is one of its abilities, by analyzing its memory and searching on the web.