Daddy Long Legs: The endless walker on stilts

Daddy long legs android 2

Stupidly hard games have a difficult to explain hook. They simply seem to be of the liking of every player; things like these happened already in the past at least a thousand times with web browser games, not too long ago, but now it happens as well on mobile platforms.

Somehow, the simplest premises manage to become unexpectedly famous, especially when the controls and mechanics within the game happen to be really hard to master in their simplicity.

Daddy Long Legs, an app game for Android, is one of these games.  In Daddy Long Legs, the objective is to walk as far as possible; however, this is a somewhat complicated task, as the mascot’s legs are at least five times longer than the rest of its fluffy body.

Daddy Long Legs Features

Daddy long legs android

Players will control Daddy’s furry body by tapping on the screen, as this is a one-touch game. One tap moves one leg forward, but you have to look for (somehow) the perfect moment to tap again and move the other leg; just watch out, this is very tricky.

Calculate Daddy’s inclination and try to avoid a stumble. The whole thing is really hard to master, but practice makes perfect, so practice, practice, practice until you’re a decent player! Just remember, once this hairy, adorable creature starts moving, nothing will be certain anymore, and no one will know what will happen!

On the other side, the stupid simplicity of Daddy Long Legs’ controls will rapidly hook players, for some reason; the game might cause addiction, though. At least in my case, I couldn’t put the cellphone down for a while.

Then, players will be very happy when they see marks on their screen, records, indicating how far their character has ever reached. You probably might jump for joy every time you break your personal record. Or that’s what I do.

Daddy Long Legs Review

Daddy Long Legs doesn’t really have any other game mode, so it could quickly become dull to those immune to its charm, something so complex many players will love to master. Competiveness at its best.  You’ll just look forward to sharing your best marks and total results with all your friends, and see who the best is!

Daddy Long Legs is available on the Play Store and you can download it for free: if you have an Android device, get your hands on this cute creature and let it hook you. You won’t regret it!