Crap! I’m Broke: Out of Pocket a millennial android simulator

Being a grown up seemed like the greatest thing when we were kids, but it turned out to be just the complete opposite of what we thought it would be. You constantly feel stressed out over money,  and the threat of eviction or starvation, which go hand in hand.

But what would you feel like, if for once, you could make fun of it for underemployment and the ever-present doubt whether you will be able or not to make ends meet? Why not actually enjoy yourself while contemplating a completely satirical take on adulthood and laugh at your disgrace’s face by playing Arcane Circus’ most recent game, Crap! I’m Broke: Out of Pocket?

 Crap! I’m Broke features

Crap I am broke android

Crap! I’m Broke: Out of Pocket is a life management simulation game, where the player faces once again daily life problems: running low on cash and still having to pay for food and bills. So, in order to avoid mounting bills and starvation, you need to get a job.

And be sure you will only find odd jobs around town; club bouncer, dish-washer, you could even work as a human statue! Every job presents a mini-game, with which you’ll earn some money, which at the same time you have to save up for rent or food.

But don’t worry; you’ll be constantly reminded of not wasting your pay, as there are both a bill bar and a hunger meter. Once those go empty, you either die or get kicked out from your apartment!

Just like in real life, sometimes unexpected expenses pop out of the blue, and you have to end up paying more money at the end of the month. However, if you believe in this kind of things, your luck will be affected by karma – by doing good deeds, you’ll get good karma, and therefore, good luck. By doing bad deeds, on the other hand, would get you bad karma and bad luck.

Crap! I’m Broke Review

Crap I am broke android 2

So, be good, and the karma system might reward you by letting you have a winning lottery ticket or receive random gifts in the mail, but mostly, you won’t get a series of misfortunes in a row.

Not nearly enough payed jobs had ever been so fun! Then, what are you waiting for? Download this amusing Crap! I’m Broke app for the fair price of $2,22 on the Google Play Store and for $1.99 on the App Store, encounter your daily life nightmares and make fun of them in this new minimalistic, cubed-styled game I’m sure you’ll love