Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults on Android

If you need a little peace of mind, either because you are too tired or because you suffer from anxiety or stress, there are android apps that will help you get rid of this kind of problems, or at least manage them.

They’re tools you can combine with therapy or other activities; they can be both fun and helpful, so why not give it a try? You won’t lose a thing

Even though they could be considered a bit childish, coloring books can be a great way to relax. There are several things that could hold you from trying it, but now you can experiment with your smartphone and an app that has achieved an overwhelming victory in the app market: Colorfy, a virtual coloring book for Android and iOS devices.

Colorfy features

Colorfy preview 1

Colorfy is basically one of those coloring books we had when we were kids, but reinvented, with new elegant patterns and color palettes and even some social functions. Its developers define it as coloring books meant for adults.

So, yes, coloring books are not only for kids. Colorfy is an app that will get the creativity and our inner artist to come to light. Its proposal is simple yet effective: coloring different patterns, floral motifs, animals, mandalas; all kind of drawings.

You can use the app on either your cellphone or tablet, while you’re chilling, as long as you’re on an Android or iOS device.

Colorfy offers more than twenty designs to color in, but if you don’t find that to be enough you can buy more designs and new color palettes packets.

After choosing from among the designs you have available, you only have to choose what color you want to use and tap on the pattern or drawing to color in.  To color in detail precise parts of the designs, you can zoom in with your fingers. For coloring you can use three different brushes and these can quickly interchange the color it will paint.

Afterwards, if you make a mistake, you can always use an eraser. Just touch the icon on the thumbnail menu bar on the bottom part to “undo” so you can erase the last brushstroke.

Colorfy review

Colorfy preview 2

When you’re done coloring, you can share your drawing on your social media or through instant messaging apps, so that you can show everyone your masterpiece.

You can find the app on the App Store and Google Play, and download it for free. Remember, the app contains in-app purchases.