Color Switch will truly test your puzzle skills!

Trends among android games are a cycle in constant evolution, where genres eventually tangle up and start to become a whole new thing that gives way to new, nearly unlimited possibilities.

In this world of constant innovation, developers see themselves in a race to make a successful game that goes viral and just get enough of people’s attention, while they could easily just look away from their creation.

This has led to crazily awesome games, some of them even addictive, which end up bewitching users with their charms and soar up the novelties board; it could be due the playability of the game, the plot, its aesthetics or the aforementioned addictive factor, but whatever it is that makes them so popular, we just happen to be unable to ignore them

Color Switch is one of those cases we can’t overlook.

Color Switch Features

Color switch preview

Color Switch is a game inspired on Flappy Bird, so you take a wild guess about what the game is like; but even though the game was based on the successful app Flappy Bird, you can tell right away it’s something far different. Controls, then, as you would image, are pretty simple; you just have to tap and wait for the perfect moment.

You control a ball, which you have to pass through several obstacles, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. You have to wait until the ball’s color and the obstacle’s match.

As you advance, your ball will change its color and in order to overcome the obstacle, you have to wait until you can go through the right color section (as it is divided in a few sections, each one for a different color) and then rush to move forward, but the concept remains the same: just get in and out the snag. As you would expect, it gets harder as you progress.

Color Switch Review

Color Switch android preview

Color Switchs success might be due to how amusing it is, despite its simplicity; perhaps because of how greatly worked the game was, or because of the minimalistic yet flashy looks. But in the end, it all is reduced to beating a new score and do even better than the last time.

The game’s aesthetics and vibrant colors are emphasized by a black background, and you could find the soundtrack particularly energizing. Of one thing you can be sure: it’s not easy to get bored of it.

Unlike many games of its kind, which often make the mistake of being repetitive, Color Switch offers many game modes. Each one is quite different from the other, and it may take a while before you master them. Still, you will surely find something for each taste among them.

You can find Color Switch on the App Store or Google Play, and download it for free; it certainly does contain in-app purchases, but it’s nothing mandatory. So hurry up and start playing!