Clue: Period and Ovulation Tracker

There’s still certain taboo feeling surrounding topics concerning feminine bodily functions in today’s modern society, but there are people all around the world trying to break this thick wall that separate both men and women from comfortably talking and assuming something that’s completely normal and part of our realities as human beings.

One of these startups, which made its way to 2015’s Europe Hottest Startups, was Clue, a female health app developed by BioWink GmbH, a Berlin-based technology company. It was even named one the best apps of the year, two years after the year of its release, by both Apple and Google.  So far, the app has raised about $10 million from backers.

Clue app: But what is this app about, exactly?

Clue: Period, PMS, fertility & ovulation tracker is exactly what its name claims. It calculates and predicts the user’s  period, PMS, and fertile window; it also helps its users informing them when’s the most likely time to get pregnant, and track every aspect of all of this by providing information about more than 20 categories, among which we can find sex drive, pain, emotions, energy, sleep and so much more. The more information you provide the app, the more accurate its predictions will be.

Nowadays, the Clue app is available on both iOS and Android, in more than 10 languages, and it has about 2.5 million users from 180 different countries. This app supplies a very big demand and win’s every woman’s heart with its flashy design and its marvelously simple functioning; it comes to be of the liking of everyone without “being pink”.

Clue App Review

Clue app preview

Ida Tin, the company’s current CEO, stated the goal was to make female reproductive health “out of taboo land” and “start a reproductive health revolution”. Part of this comes in hand with Tin’s opinion that women shouldn’t have to pander to gender stereotypes; developers decided the app should be more  neutral, and they takes pride in being “scientifically beautiful” and “non-pink”.

Now, as previously stated, you’ll find the Clue app in any App Store, and to use it, you just have to complete a little survey about your period and your menstrual cycle as soon as you install it. Then, you can add all the data you’d like and get a whole analysis and a calendar to track your current and future menstrual cycles. That’s it. Using it is a piece of cake.