Cloudmagic for Android, also called Newton Mail

The experience of Gmail on Android, is perhaps the best of any other mobile platform as was expected; Android is from Google, after all, as is also Gmail. But when it comes to other mail applications, many of them leave much to be desired. A clear example? Outlook, the official app for Hotmail and Microsoft Outlook, seems more of a way of tricking Android users to jump to Windows Phone result of the terrible experience, that a real effort to the app. And not to mention if you have an iCloud (or account, since Apple never bother to make an application for the competitors platform.

Fortunately, there are many alternative options, and all of which I could test as alternative mail services, I found CloudMagic to be the best. With CloudMagic, we have support for Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps accounts, Office 365 or any other mail service work with IMAP. And all presented in an attractive and simple way.

Cloudmagic Use

In fact, over time I finished in preference to the official implementation of Gmail. In addition to letting me check my account Outlook and Yahoo (yes, Make fun if you want, I still use them and pretty often), I can also check Gmail, plus better filters and configuration tools.
Thanks to a unified Inbox, I can see mails from all accounts, and as the app works with an account of CloudMagic (I checked just configure one of the email accounts to use), notifications have “Push” to warn us of new mails as they just arrive.

The Veredict:

I strongly recommend all Android users and lovers to try on this great APP. It could ease up your life a little bit.