Cloobing: android app for sport lovers

There are now apps for everything, even for booking or hiring services; hotels, cars, parking, food. And we are starting to get used to doing these things through our phone, since it is way easier and faster, so much more comfortable and efficient. So, slowly, the Internet and our phones are taking over our lives and the many aspects of it, there seems to be an app for everything. Except for booking sport fields.

Now, you can reach agreements, or make calls, or text somebody in order to do so, but it takes more effort and time, it’s simply not as efficient or professional. Then, Cloobing has been launched on the Spanish market to cover this need and close the every-day-smaller gap.

Cloobing Features

Cloobing android 1

As sports and working out seem to become an evert day more important part of our lives due to the recent boost and popularity of these activities, there’s no wonder why Cloobing is a thing. From now on, Spanish people won’t go through much of a struggle when booking sport fields, as the app will make the task much quicker and easier.  What Cloobing does is simplifying a search for fields and schedules, all this kind of info in general; the app has been created to solve one of our many worries.

From the very beginning, Cloobing is specialized for three types of sport fields, those for paddle, gyms, and golf courses, and from the app itself, you’ll be able to book on your favorite centers. You’ll be able to check out places near you with availability for a certain, specific hour, or places you can book for specific hours, just like other new places for when you take trips.

With the app, you’ll be able to quickly compare different sport fields, and as users usually post their opinion on places and so you can read more about the place’s and people’s general opinion; it’s just the perfect app for comparison purposes. After all, user’s feedback is quite useful to determine a field’s quality level.

Clobbing can offer up to three thousand sport installations in Spain where we can include paddle fields, gyms and golf courses. You just have to search for one that suits your needs and budget.

Cloobing Review

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The app’s search engine has inner filters so it will quickly find what you’re looking for, with the characteristics you want; you could also the equipment each place can offer, whether they have a parking lot or not, if they have a cafeteria and so, same as with contact numbers and the general score.

Grab your phone, download the app for free from the Play Store and book! It’s just that easy!

Unfortunately, this service is only available in Spain for now, but let’s look forward for it to expand!