Clash Royale: Battle all day long

Clash Royale has come to snatch the throne to his brother Clash of Clans, and does so with an extremely attractive presentation. Will it be enough to unseat the giant from mobile games and tablets? Let’s look in depth to the game to check.

Tower Defense flavored Clash of Clans

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing the Clash Royale style is similar to Clash of Clans. Since both come from the same company, it is logical to see that similarity, but there the similarities end. In fact, when I installed Clash Royale expected to see a copy of the old game company, and was quite pleasantly surprised to see the new gameplay. We are facing a kind of Tower Defense with strategic game elements by letters that surprises a lot.

We no longer have a massive village destroy every attack, but we have a clear board on which we deploy troops inorder to attack using the letters that appear in a random bar with the elixir that regenerates continuously. In our part of the board, two defensive towers that flank the tower guarded by our king rise, and so is the part of the board where the opponent is grounded. The goal is to destroy the tower of the rival king, or at least their defensive towers.

Clash Royale Gameplay 1

Pure strategy

In order to learn some effective measures to stop wasting fighting techniques, I lingered a long time watching Deltop games of players in the TV section. Very useful, indeed. To my surprise, most were sweaty matches in which each movement is quite important, and the victory was decided in the final seconds.

Of course, if we have a rival with worse cards or a rival simply not yet aware of what the issue is, we get those precious three crowns and the consequent 30 trophies. But it is not common in Clash Royale. It is common to sweat for a minute and a half to snatch a narrow victory, getting to shoot down one of the small towers rival. Each card has positioned on the board, and we can not throw them at random as it exits. Knowing how troops and develop a good strategy is the only key to success against a rival of our size.

¿Freemium too aggressive?

Here we come to the match point that we must tolerate Clash Royale to get caught us … its almost pay to win. You pay and get win, no more. Has no limiter games played, unlike in Clash of Clans, which must wait for it to finish creating the troops to attack. In Clash Royale we can play as many times as we want, because the whole point is to use well the cards you have, do not expect to get the cards (also). The trick is in the chests we got when we won a game. – We have to wait a certain time to get unlock.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is available for iOS and Android devices for free, with many purchases within the game to get gems and coins with which to move forward, get better cards, or improve the troops that we already have. Games are a business and companies need to be supported, so do not judging on our part. If we give it a try, as the many millions of people who already have descargado-, is completely free to install and play.
Even with its bad side, worth download and play? Absolutely. It is a game that engages much or more than Clash of Clans. Of course, Supercell knows what he does.