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City Of Love: Paris – Ubisoft New Game

Otome games usually don’t have the same importance in the Western culture as they do in the Eastern culture: dating simulators do enjoy a certain popularity between a specific group of people, a very specific audience, and although they are not usually big hits in the Western world, they are now becoming more and more “normal” in our culture and are more often seen on the Google Play Store.

Now, Ubisoft has taken a step to join the many companies to form part of this revolutionary movement by launching their most recent game, City of Love: Paris, which would fall into the category of dating sims.

City Of Love: Paris Features

City Of Love: Paris

This is probably not the kind of game you’d expect from Ubisoft, but being City of Love: Paris created by this semi legendary company, we couldn’t be given anything but a great game within its genre, and it even goes beyond, giving otome game fans a surprise by filling the game with a thrilling mystery.

As the protagonist, you’ll be wandering around Paris, looking for love in the city (who would not do it in the City of Love?) at the same time that you look after progressing in your career. After stepping foot in Paris, you’ll be interviewed for a job at City of Love, the Parisian capital’s most prestigious lifestyle magazine and creation of the handsome Raphael, the good-looking entrepreneur.

Of course, Raphael won’t be the only one you’ll be interacting with throughout the game; you’ll also find other people, new friends and adorable possible love candidates. All you’ll have to do is tap on the screen in order to interact with these varied, different characters, but choose carefully the right option for you, because your decisions will affect the game’s ending. Everyone experiences the main story the same, but the ending you’ll receive will depend only on your decisions, so choose wisely!

City Of Love: Paris Review

Unfortunately, you need “energy” for every interaction, so you have to be really patient. City of Love: Paris app is totally worth the wait, but if you’re too impatient, you can also opt for purchasing the app so you’ll save yourself the mortifying process of waiting for an energy refill

The interactive drama has just been launched on February 1rst, so we have to wait a little more to see how much commotion it might cause in the gamer community throughout the course of the next month; City of Love: Paris is one gorgeous, different game. So it’s a matter of little time to see how it does.

You can download the app on any of your Android devices for free from the Google Play Store: if you’ve never tried playing ano tome before, give City of Love: Paris a shot!



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