Why did the chicken cross the road? Crossy road

With Crossy Road, Hipster Whale’s hit, you might get an answer to that millenary question. Or maybe not, but you’ll have fun for sure. Thanks to its flashy interface (classic gameplay, retro characters) and entertaining hook, it immediately became viral. Just the first week after its release on November 10th, 2014, it had been downloaded more than 2.5 million times worldwide, generating the company a revenue of about $10 million in 90 days. Nowadays, there have been more than 100 million users all around the globe.

We could say its success is due to the developers’ determination, and luck. A lot of it; but all that fame and glory is in great part due to the game’s gameplay. The original plan was to spend only six week developing the game, but after realizing its potential, developers Andy Sum and Matt Hall decided to spend six more weeks to it. “We wanted to make the next Flappy Bird, said Sum once in 2015’s a Game Developers Conference session.

How To Play Crossy Road

Crossy road preview

Crossy Road itself is very simple, yet very addictive. The player plays a character (these are interchangeable, you can have many of them) and the objective of the game is to cross the road, getting as far as possible without dying. To do so, the player has to tap to move forward, or swipe to move horizontally in different directions. Of course, it’s not that easy, there are some obstacles the player must avoid, or its character will die; these might be rivers, trees, cars or trains.

You can avoid these by tapping when the path is clear or using platforms. However, you can’t hesitate while playing because if the mascot takes three steps back, or if it’s left idle, an eagle will snatch it and take it away, which will result in the game’s end.

Throughout the game, players can gather coins. They can find it in-game, they can get them by watching advertisements, or they can even buy them with real money. These coins (100 of them, to be precise) can be used to for getting a new character at the lottery machine; this, though, is only a probability, since there are chances you get a mascot you already own.

The mascots in question, now, are 145; 119 of them are unlockable characters (you can get them on the lottery machine), and the other 22 are “secret characters” (there are many ways to obtain these, but you can find them most of the time in-game during gameplay). However, doubtlessly, all of them have that cuddly retro animation charm, and all of them are adorable.