Charming Keep: Build the tallest tower

Charming Keep: fund your princes

We are taught fairy tale’s basics since a very early age: there’s a sweet, beautiful princess, or a charming damsel, who despite being the intelligent lady she is, still ends up waiting for Prince Charming. Imprisoned, victim of a terrible curse or a hideous monster, she waits until he arrives to her cell and saves her from her disgrace. After so many years, the script has pretty much remained the same, and at this point in our lives, we don’t even need to be too clever to know what’s going to happen next in the story. Mighty Games (better known for its collab with Hipster Whale, Shooty Skies) has given the story a little twist.

What happens when it’s princes who need a helping hand? Sometimes, they have a hard time getting the funding to go on their exciting adventures? Did you never wonder where the money came from? Who feed the horses, who bought the shining armors? Quests, journeys and rescues don’t come cheap, so it’s obviously not lemonade sales that are funding princes’ expeditions.

Charming Keep Features

Charming Keep Review

With this casual clicker, Charming Keep, we’ll learn how it is that princes get enough money to do all the stuff they do around and how they fund the adventures they get into while running around from one end of the kingdom to another

In Charming Keep game, you’ll be running a huge business conglomerate that helps all those charming princes find the so necessary funding. We could a tower and its abudance of  hundreds of funds in each floor is the epicenter of the game. The goal would be to build as many “funds” or stores as possible, selling a wide variety of products so that you’ll achieve having a greatly diverse portfolio.  However, although you do have to focus on your business, you’ll also complete quests along the way to earn bonuses.

The scenary of this game is Atlantis, a mysterious land inhabited by all kind of critters who have way too much money for their own good. Now, besides from building as many stores as possible, you’d have have another; that would be to sell goods to as many wealthy costumers you can. And there are plenty! The tower divided on 11 floors, 10 of them are stores. Maximize all the stores to increase the funding it can send our beloved princes on their big adventures.

Charming Keep Review

One would naturally think Charming Keeper is a tapper game, but it isn’t, in fact. While at the beginning you will have to collect the money from the stores yourself, you will eventually learn how to hire workmen to do it for you. Then, you’ll be able to build even more stores without having to go check the stores every five minutes; these workmen will collect the cash for your while you’re gone. But keep in mind stores won’t be automatically upgraded. Nor will the funds be collected if you don’t have a workman running them on your behalf, unfortunately).

Charming Keep by Might Games was wrapped on cute characters and adorable graphics, making it more attractive. If you’d like to try this game, you can download it  by clicking on this link we’ll leave below!




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