Causality: A puzzle game about manipulating time

Causality brain melting puzzle game

If you like your games brain melting hard, then Casualty might be the game for you.

On early February, UK based Loju studio released Causality on the App Store, and soon after that, on the Play Store. If you tried and loved puzzle based games like Mini Metro and Splitter Critters, you might like this game, too. The challenging, mind blowing game is a mixture extremely complex puzzle and some time manipulation blended in; the result transcends this genre and comes as something quite innovative and compelling. But not too much can be said about Causality: it’s hard to describe with words. It’s one of those games you have to experience rather than just be told about.

Many aspects of it make it quite unique, and it’s in general a terrific experience that stands out of the rest.

Your goal in Causality would be to move an astronaut from a point A to a point B, guiding him through a grid based game board and helping him avoid obstacles until he makes it to the exit. But things start getting interesting when they add more than just one astronaut

Causality Features

Adding multiple astronauts to the equation spices up the gameplay quite a bit, bringing a certain complexity to the game. Now, things get even more interesting when you learn that each astronaut plays an important part; they (all your past selves) will be on a race to get to the exit tile before the time runs over while dodging a few hurdles here and there. But be careful and pay close attention: each astronaut will wear a helmet of a different color, and so they will have to go through the exit tile of this corresponding color. However, if one crosses their way with another astronaut, they will bump into each other and walk in the opposite direction you want them to go.

Time is very important in Causality, so pay careful attention to it. Once you learn to deal with your past self and start to get comfy, boom! You get time portals to make it extra interesting, as if it wasn’t interesting enough. At this point you can just go insane as you have no idea what’s going on anymore. Here’s when time becomes even more important, as you start to mess with it. And believe me, nothing good comes out of messing with timelines; but on this context, I think it’s just great. Only if you like very, very complex puzzles, of course, but hey, that’s part of the fun, right?

Causality Review

To succeed, you’ll need to be clever, have some skills, be willing to do a lot of trials (and make lots of errors), but most importantly, tons of patience. If you fail (when you do), you’ll have to rewind time and start all over again; it sounds infuriating, but this frustrating part of it it’s part of its charm.

All in all, although a little confusing, the gameplay is simply amazing. That, added up to the beautiful graphics and the fitting soundtrack, makes Causality app an enjoyable experience totally worth your pennies. If you’re into challenging games, the puzzle based Causality game will make you fall in love; in a very short time, it has become a must-have for those lovers of this genre. Once you play it, you easily understand why

You can give this a shot and download it from the Google Play Store (click on this link to go right into it) for $2.48. Try it out, you won’t regret it! If you had played it before, you can share your experience with us down below in the comments and even show us captures! Let us know whether you liked the game and what you thought of it.



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