Card Wars Kingdom: Android Game Based on the popular Adventure Time

Now we have available Card Wars’ sequel, a card genre mobile game for both Android and iOS devices. It has many game modes and different game options; also the app is completely free on both the App Store and Google Play, but contains in-app purchases, as many other apps do, but it’s not one of those pay-up-win games, so it’s still the same great quality as its predecessor.

Card Wars Kingdom, as already mentioned before is the sequel of that game that was inspired by one of the American show Adventure Time’s episodes, “Card Wards”. This episode would allude to a fictional card game, which would be the base for Cartoon Networks’ new app.

If you’ve ever played Magic: The Gathering, you will be familiarized with this kind of games, but Card Wars Kingdom is quite unique.

How to play Card Wars Kingdom

card wars preview 1

So as many of this gender’s games, you’re given a certain amount of cards to play and fight with; these might be creatures, spells or buildings. These cards are the one you have on your deck and you will only be able to use a certain amount of them per turn, in dependence of your Magic Points.

The cards you get to play will be chosen randomly, and the objective is to use the cards strategically so that you can defeat your opponent before he or she can defeat you.

Creatures are basically your defenses, as they can defeat your opponent’s creatures; but then, you can also use spells to do so, but it needs to be done strategically.  It depends on the creature’s stats; from there you can create your strategy. But beware, you can only take 5 creatures with you to every battle.

The controls are a piece of cake, you only have to tap to complete actions. To use cards, you just have to drag them from your deck and drop them on the field on the correct landscape.

The only one thing that could be a bit tricky is a wheel that will determine a creature’s attack points. Whether they can even attack or not, this will affect both your opponent’s and your creatures, but if you find it to be too much trouble you can go to settings and turn it off any moment.

Card Wars Kingdom Review

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To succeed on Card Wars Kingdom, you just need good tactics and patience. Of course, good cards will also help but you can trust on your abilities too, if you think you can do that.

Just hurry and download the game from the Google Play or the App Store! Get to play on your Android or iOS device and get all the fun!