Carbon Warfare Can you drive mankind to destroy the Earth?

Carbon Warfare Can you drive mankind to destroy the Earth?

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Simulation games are one of the most popular categories for mobile Android devices, whether because of its mobile format, its simplicity, or sometimes, because of its complexity or whatever it is that simulators are a huge thing on phones.

There are simulators for everything; planes, football coaches, surgery, everything! Cities and worlds simulators. Even more, God simulators . Well, they seem to be here to stay, so it isn’t weird that we find simulators such as this one from time to time: Carbon Warfare.

With this game, we put ourselves in the role of some kind of evil God. Not really, we are just put in the place of a super conservative capitalist. Our main goal? To destroy the world, or more like leading humans to its destruction, basically by increasing their carbon footprint.

Carbon Warfare Features

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This is a game that simulates the world in its set, with its industries, climate, people, political events and all the things that could change the course of the history, all of this to give you a quite realistic simulation of the conditions and events that can lead humans to destroy themselves and all of the planet’s ecosystems.

The game has been made under the direction of scientific and experts in climate changes, therefore, all events, catastrophes and variations are feasible in the real world and could happen in the future if we don’t do something about climate change now.

This is a way little unorthodox but effective way to create awareness about the global implications climate change have; the objective of the game is destroy the world through the increase of carbon emissions, but you can’t do it all at once, it has to happen gradually.

Invest in the companies with the highest amount of emissions

Invest in advertising to discredit climate change.

Prevent public awareness.

Keep a balance between your profits to invest, carbon emissions are fundamental. Earth will try to defend itself and fight back, but you must destroy it.

Carbon Warfare Review

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Carbon Warfare is a quite realistic simulation with beautiful 3D graphics of the Earth and constant variables. The game consists of 3 types of different game and 3 difficulty levels in each one.

With enough power and carbon emissions, you can unleash 11 different  kinds of disasters on the world and see how chaos takes over everything.

Will you be able to destroy the Earth and all its inhabitants? It may seem easy, but they will fight back. Accept the challenge, download the game from the Google Play on your Android device and turn Earth into a Carbon Warfare.