Bubble Witch 3 Saga is the third game in the popular series

Bubble Witch Saga 3

Bubble Witch Saga is exactly what you’d expected from an app called that way. Now, Bubble Witch Saga 3 is the third part of this bubble-shooting saga, so King has to be doing a pretty good job with it, right?

As we all know, King Digital Entertainment (or just King, as everyone knows them), is pretty famous and gained a special popularity after the release of its globally renowned Candy Crush Saga; and from a hit maker company such as this one, we couldn’t expect least than games like the one we’re talking about in this article.

Bubble Witch 3 Features

Bubble Witch 3 review

This time, Bubble Witch Saga has added some neat ideas to keep old and new fans hooked, and although the game itself hasn’t changed that much, it is now more of a puzzle game than it has ever been. Despite of that, and maybe specially because of this fact, it is still a great chunk of fun.

If you’ve never played Bubble Witch Saga, you’ll want to finally try it as soon as you lay your eyes on Bubble Witch Saga 3.

In spite of the many similar games you can find on the Play Store, Bubble Witch Saga 3 stands apart thanks to its amazing gameplay experience and its striking graphics; you’ll fall in love with the game once you start playing as Stella the Witch, making your way through the seemingly infinite amount of levels you’ll have to play in order to defeat Wilbur, the evil, magical (and very adorable) cat.

On every level, you’ll be given a set number of colored bubbles, which you’ll have to fire up the screen in order to match them with other bubbles of the same color so that you can clear them. Those are the basics of the game, but besides from that, you’ll be given as well a task you need to finish; these will be different on every level, of course, so there’s plenty of variety.

Bubble Witch 3 Review

Bubble Witch 3 saga

This same variety keep players on their toes, and keeps the difficulty constantly changing to stay a challenge to the player. In general, Bubble Witch 3 Saga seems to be designed to have players keep coming back over and over again, which translates into another big hit for King

Downloading and playing the game is free, although there are indeed certain in-app purchases, but you don’t really need them. Get Bubble Witch 3 Saga on the Play Store and download it on any Android device, and start having fun with Stella while you try to defeat Wilbur, the cute, meanie cat!



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