Bowmasters: deceiving looking gory android game

Artillery games for mobile devices have been a thing for a while, and they’ve become more and more popular throughout the time, gaining bigger audiences after every great success. Angry Birds was something big and boosted this genre after its particularly stunning success.

Another genre that’s almost unbearably popular is fighting games. Yeah, we understand why both of these genres are so damn popular. It’s incredibly yet hardly understandable how they come across as such satisfying things. There’s just something utterly exciting and empowering about hitting a target or beating your enemy; in general, to achieve something and prove you can do it.

Bowmasters Features

Bowmasters android

Bowmasters is a combination of both genres, and adds a little something to the mixture: lots of blood and guts flying around in the air.

Bowmasters is a 1v1 archery game where you face an AI opponent, and in which the objective is to kill the enemy you encounter by throwing different projectiles before they get to kill you. At first glance, it seems like a really cute game, with its adorable looks, but you know it’s not that kind of game once you start playing.

It starts off by some sort of tutorial, and as soon as you throw your first arrow and hit the target, you can see the blood squirting out of your opponent’s body. When the enemy’s health meter reaches zero, you will have a chance to “finish him”, and give him a horrible death. You get extra points at the end of the game for this fatality.

This “fatality” thing might remind you of another game, but I think that’s only funnier if you consider just how satirical it is when comparing those deaths with the game’s graphics in general. Bowmasters being a gorefest at some point is simply ironically perfect, especially because of how cute they make the viscera look.

This game’s mechanics are extremely simple; mastering them is what might be a bit complicated. You have to pull back by swiping with your favorite finger, aim at the target, and then let go. It’s all about the angles: knowing where to shoot requires a little intelligence, but there’s a little bar pops up above your character to show you what angle you’re aiming and how much power you’re using, which is very helpful.

The thing is, the opponent will be off screen. It’s kind of hard to know anything, so it’s basically a guessing game. However, in my opinion, although frustrating, that only makes victory a little bit sweeter.

Bowmasters Review

Bowmasters android 2

With every battle, you earn a certain amount of coins. With these coins, you can buy new characters; each character has a unique projectile. It’s always fun to discover each one’s.

Bowmaster has several game modes, but you can only play them after meeting certain requirements; however, don’t get discouraged, they are all special and really fun. Deaths are particularly amusing.

You can download the game from the Google Play Store for free on your Android device. Give it a try, it will be worth it.