Bounce Classic HD Android game will bring you back old memories

During the last decade, most of the people had a Nokia cellphone. If you were still a kid, you probably weren’t allowed to have one, so you took your parent’s when you were bored so that you could play a game; even if you weren’t a kid anymore, you still had a cellphone yourself and played with it every now and then. So you must remember those classical, nearly legendary and unforgettable games.

Well, guess what? Let’s take a walk down memory lane, because one of these games is back. I personally used to spend even hours playing it, so I’m really excited about the new Bounce Classic HD. If you have an Android device, and are a fan of this game as well, these are great news for you, too

Bounce Classic HD Review

BounceBall Android preview

After the launch and success of the fanmade remake of Nokia’s Bounce by AmberMobi Games, Super Classic Game has launched Bounce Classic HD, which is based in the same plot line.

Your goal is to get Bounce the Ball through a series of mazes and get them out of all eleven of them successfully; in order to do so, the character has to go through a certain amount of rings and avoid a few obstacles. Then, and only then, we’ll be able to complete the level.

You can collect crystals to gain extra points and crystal balls to get an extra life, while jumping on rubber floors gives the character extra bounce.

Levels are the same as in the original Nokia game; even the sounds are all the same, but as opposite from the original game, controls are different.

Instead of using a telephone keypad, you will be using a display on your device’s screen. However, these controls are not only pretty easy to use but also really intuitive. The game’s environment and surroundings haven’t really changed, it’s once again almost the same; just with a higher definition.

As you may remember from the old game, Bounce Classic HD on Android can be really fun, but also quite challenging at times. Yet, it seems to be an all-time favorite for millennials and it’s great to hear they’re bringing back to life one of the classical games.

Bounce Classic HD is available both on the Google Play and the App Store, so it can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices for free.

So, what are you waiting for? If you feel nostalgic, you already know what to do!