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Top Yoga apps for Android 2017

Yoga apps for AndroidDaily Yoga Review.

Yoga has been a fairly popular activity in recent times, where stress is part of our daily lives and the hectic lifestyles of the great cities have turned us away from healthy habits. As a consequence, we are making this top best yoga apps for Android.

This is surely the most used app around the world to learn and practice yoga. Unlike other similar tools, it defines at all times on both the constraints and requirements of each exercise so the user is aware of the difficulty or length of the series in question. High-quality videos, text explanations and illustrative images reinforce its ability to schedule weekly cycles of exercise according to our needs.

DailyYoga review

Yoga com app for Review.

This article started pretty heavy-handed, mentioning in first place one of the most popular yoga apps for Android; now it comes what could be its competence, and for us, one of the best yoga apps for Android.

Next, Yoga. com. The website is one of the most important communities when talking about yoga. Its official iPhone app offers a collection of almost 300 exercises and 37 different programs sorted by difficulty. All of them are illustrated; they use explanatory videos made by professionals so that we learn to perform them correctly. In addition, it includes explanatory texts with their purpose, along with several pictures explaining the muscles involved in each movement, as well as narrative audios for each exercise, for users to perform the exercise without having to be constantly checking their devices. review

Pocket Yoga for androidPocket Yoga Review.

This app completely honors its name; It is just as if we took a Yoga instructor in our pockets. It’s an app with explanatory pictures and fairly didactic, dynamic lessons any yoga novice could make and start with.

Another Yoga instructor is what we get in our pockets with this Android app. Pocket Yoga offers 27 different lessons to choose from depending on the difficulty and the time available. It offers more than 145 positions, which the app displays with graphics, descriptions, and animated graphics to get the maximum out of your free time.

Pocket Yoga review

Insight Timer for androidInsight Timer Review.

Let’s keep on with a somewhat different app. This one does not base its foundation on providing info on yoga itself, but on meditation routines. Meditation is closely related to yoga since: it’s always been like that.

An ideal app for those who want to enter meditation as part of their daily routine. Insight Timer offers up to 3000 free meditations; between these, you can find Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh, Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, and others.

It offers the advantage to establish your own meditation routine, using existing guided meditations or by setting up your own personalized meditation; you can set the duration, a timer, the sound of the bowls and a background music of your choice.

It allows you to keep a record of your daily progress and share with other meditators to join different groups in the community. An excellent app that deserves it 4.6 score and its place in this top best yoga apps for Android.

insight timer review

Relaxing melodies sleep sounds for androidRelaxing melodies: sleep sounds Review.

To complete this top best yoga apps for Android, let’s go with a must-have app for our smartphone if we practice yoga or meditation; regardless, even if you don’t practice this, you can give this a shot.

Relaxing melodies: sleep sounds is an excellent tool to improve your yoga and meditation exercises. It has a wide variety of melodies and sounds; they’ll help you focus and momentarily separate yourself from the outside world. You can set shuffle or create your own playlist according to your needs.

Relaxing melodies sleep sounds review



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