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Top best weather apps for Android 2017.

best weather apps for AndroidYahoo! Weather Review.

An app that mixes forecasting weather with an impeccable design. Yahoo! Weather for Android provides weather information in real time from around the world; while you check on a city’s weather, you’ll get a related imagine to the current condition of the place.
Yahoo! Weather also offers forecasts for the ten following days, next to interesting fact as chances of rain, humidity percentage, UV radiation rates and more. In addition, you can go see what could come next regarding the weather during the next few hours, more specifically.
Also, using your location, it sends alerts about complicated weather conditions, as well as offering widgets for your Android screen.

best weather apps for Android 2017

AccuWeather Review.

It’s perhaps the best weather apps for Android from this top, or at least the most popular weather app. It’s AccuWeather for Android, an app in charge of offering us much more detailed information on weather conditions than other apps. For US residents, it offers a service in which it even sends them alerts on adverse weather conditions to come there or to the near surrounding area, so that users can be prevented of the same.
The app has more than 2.7 million locations around the world and is capable of giving more recent humidity percentages, visibility, UV index, wind speed and direction, sunset and sunrise time.
With AccuWeather, you can access public satellites such as the interactive Google Maps and other information. This app even allows you to share your weather information in social networks to inform others about the weather in your area.

You can check more detailed info on AccuWeather Android App at our special review for it.

The Weather Underground Review.

If you like having the best local information, this is the app for you.

The service is now the Weather Channel’s and is biggest meteorological information archive online, which means it is very accurate with regard to local conditions. The app has a lot of information, which is represented both in text and graphic form for you to find historical and current information. It also has information on wind speed, amount of rain and information about pollution and the UV index. Besides from that, it can give you information about the following for the next 10 days.
We like the webcam section, which shows you a picture of what is happening; you can also take a picture yourself and upload it.

The Weather Channel Review.

Many consider it the best TV and online weather channel. And now, with The Weather Channel for Android, it was to be expected that it would be also be on the best weather apps for Android list. With a service like this, that’s so widely popular and used, you’ll get detailed information. Due to its more than 200 meteorologists and its cutting-edge technology, it can offer the most accurate weather forecast.
You can access detailed weather forecast. Besides from that, the app has an easy localization system, so you can edit and save your favorite places. The app has support for live video streaming during meteorological events and is available in addition for Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

Radar Now! Review.

Not all apps must be full of features. Sometimes, simplicity is best and, in Radar Now, you’ll find an app with a minimalist aspect that delivers the necessary information without large procedures.
In Radar Now, you can easily and quickly access to radars with current and future weather information, by days or hours, according to the locations you choose. In addition, it sends users alerts against extreme meteorological conditions.
If want a simple app to clearly see what you are looking for in an easy way, then RadarNow! for Android is your app. Because of its simplicity and despite the same, its large information library figures in this top of the best weather apps for Android of all time.

1Weather Review.

This is possibly the giant among weather apps for Android, an app that has had already a long trajectory and a long time hovering on the Play Store; therefore, it’s perhaps the most popular weather app on Android and couldn’t be missing out on this top.
With 1Weather, you will get access to one of the apps with the most complete forecast on the Play Store; temperature, wind, rain, humidity and, also, you can access weather radars. It’s, in general, everything a person needs to know to feel confident to go out.
You can also share the weather in your social media. The most interesting option is possibly the feature that lets you see all the tweets relating to the weather in your area and even those relating to contamination and pollution for asthmatics and health concerned individuals.


This is a brief top, written by the Reviewdapps team; it was made thinking about which we think are the best weather apps for Android. That, according to popularity and usefulness for your Android. These Android apps are necessary for anybody who spends a lot of time outdoors; if you have to be up to date with the weather quite often, you gotta check these apps out
Here on Reviewdapps we’d like to know what are your suggestion; what Weather apps you consider should be on the top. The best opinions will be rewarded with an space in the article where they’ll be shown



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