The best visual novels for Android

Top best visual novels for Android 2017

best visual novels for AndroidNanolife Review.

Let’s start off with one of the veterans in the field, one of the best visual novels for Android. It has a 4.3 score and lots of followers. Nanolife has adorable graphics, somewhat like cartoonish drawings, and it’s completely free.

In Nanolife, we have the story of a boy who is trying to create a character for a role-playing game he plays for the first time that stormy night. When he’s about to play with the character he’s just created, the lights go out and he’s forced to wait. That, without knowing his character has started playing on its own in a virtual world. In this case, there are 3 possible endings; the game also offers support for multiple screen resolutions.

Nanolife review

Lily’s Day Off for androidLily’s Day Off Review.

The main plotline tells a simple story. We wake up in the middle of a street, without a single memory at all, and the first thing we see is Lily-Chan, the moe-loli idol star, member of the Lilypads. She happens to be in the same condition as us. The mission? To recover your memory… and hers, too.

Like in most visuals novels for Android, Lily’s Day Off, also boasts a history where every decision the user makes as he plays, affects the course and outcomes for each character. Besides from being available for Android, there are as well versions for Windows and Linux. There are 16 possible endings, all of them different from each other. A perfect game for beginners in the genre, and which has gained a lot of respect; that’s why it made it to this top best visual novels for Android.

Lily’s Day Off review

Everlasting Summer for androidEverlasting Summer Review.

A game developed and set in Russia. Our hero, an introverted who spends all day in front of a screen reflecting his life, playing and chatting in forums, suddenly decides to leave and take the bus. This leads him to a explorers’ camp from the past where he’ll have the chance to flirt with the girls and advance in what may be a beautiful story. Or a tragedy.

Everlasting Summer for Android has many endings; most of them are good. Many others will also be bad, though. The game has more than 100 thousand downloads and is some of the best when it comes to best visual novels for Android.

Everlasting Summer review

Sepia Tears for androidSepia Tears Review.

In this visual novel, we’ll be put on the shoes of Mark, a high school student who lives with her younger sister, Rin.

At school, Mark hangs out with his friend Lukas and Lilian. And so it begins our journey in this independent visual novel; we’ll incarnate as Mark for 7 days. During this period, we’ll be in a small town in winter. Mark, our protagonist, firmly believes that love stories only take place in books and fantasy; a reluctant guy. But due to the sudden appearance of a mysterious girl, distorted memories of an event from 3 years ago get back to Mark. Will Mark what happened 3 years ago? Who is this girl who claims to be his childhood friend?

A beautiful story with a little comedy; something quite simple that could even remind us of personal experiences. It has a beautiful graphics and an even greater soundtrack; an amazing work by an indie study. That’s why we think it’s one of the best visual novels for Android.

Sepia Tears review

Rising Angels reborn for androidRising Angels: Reborn Review.

To complete this top best visual novels for Android, we’ll mention what we think is one of the best in the genre; even though it’s mostly intended for women. It has a very well-made character and scenery design. In addition, boasts an interesting story that will keep us hooked up.

Rising Angels: Reborn is a game that enters the visual novel genre, with the occasional decision-making moment; some of them having more impact on the game, giving rise to several different possible endings. The game is set in a futuristic context, with the Intergalactic exploration and interspecific relationships being of the main focus points. The story follows Natalie Puccile, a young, brilliant woman who works as a regular official; happily, she was given orders she had always dreamed of – being put in charge of a spaceship leading a small team on a very important mission.

Leadership is one of the main themes of the game, exploring the complexities of such a task, with the added difficulty of having to deal not only with different people and races, but also with different species.

Rising Angels reborn review



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