Best video editor apps for Android

Top best video editor apps for Android 2017

best video editor apps for AndroidPower Director Review.

It was released by Cyberlink, the creators of a famous very old PC PowerDVD player; this was used back in the day when DVD technology was still new. Because of their years of experience, we can ensure you will be satisfied with this very powerful video editing app.

Developing Power Director for Android and Windows, they have created a video editor with a classic interface but with a very modern design, placing a timeline at the bottom of the screen and easy access to all videos. A very simple yet functional menu with photos and options at the top. It presents more traditional editing options than others, but still very intuitive at the same time. You can create videos with music, titles, effects, transitions, layers and stickers. You have an initial option that makes suggestions as you go forward in the handling of the issue; however, if you know how to do it yourself, you can disable it.

Power Director review

Adobe Premiere Clip for androidAdobe Premiere Clip Review.

Coming by the hand of the Adobe Developers, for obvious reasons we consider this app, one of the greats of this best video editor apps for Android top, if not the greatest. Despite having joined the race a little late, it has already established itself as one of the best and we’ll tell you why.

You can add multiple videos together, add a customized soundtrack, include headings, in addition to the “Smart Volume” feature, that adjusts multiple audio tracks with consistent volume. This last feature is vital for a video, since volume peaks can give users small frights; therefore, have a bad end.

Besides from all those options, Adobe Premiere Clip has some basics for exposure, shaded and filters. Finally, the ability to apply zoom effects to pictures is also striking.

We couldn’t expect nothing less coming from something that has Adobe on its name. The best thing about it is that it is free.

Adobe Premiere Clip review

KineMaster Pro for androidKineMaster Pro Review.

KineMaster is a mandatory mention in this list. If you are already familiar with video editing on Android, you might already know this app, which stands far above all other Android apps in the field. It has such an incredible power and it is the KineMaster Pro.

This app features multitracks and allows you to easily import various types of multimedia files. It also has different editing options and a wide range of tools to improve the quality of your video. You can work with more than one audio track and video, doing voiceovers, adding layers, titles, writing, images, stickers and so. With KineMaster Pro app, you can import photos, videos, or record videos with an in-app camera. You have different themes so that your videos can break out the routine and show something different; themes which you can expand if you run out of them, like labels or stickers.

A must-have Android video editing app that will never let you down.

KineMaster Pro review

Viva Video for androidViva Video Review.

Viva Video is an all in one. When starting, you have the option to choose the type of project you’re about to make: edit video, create a video with photos, music videos or video collages. You can edit templates effects and predefined transitions, which you run from the materials section, downloading new possibilities. It is user-friendly and can offer many possibilities.

The Viva Video app was designed for editing amateurs; everything is quite intuitive so that anyone with a few free hours can create a pretty good edition. Because we think of beginners and more ordinary people, too, we add Viva Video to the top best Android video editor apps.

Viva Video review

magisto for androidMagisto Review.

No need to have a previous video editing knowledge in order to use this free app. Because it is just enough to select pictures or videos from your gallery, choose a theme, add effects and transitions, and then add music. Its operation is really the same as any of the apps you’ll see on this list, but the outstanding thing about Magisto is its titles and effects system. You also have the possibility of sharing these audiovisual creations on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or via email and is available for both iOS and Android.

Magisto is a very useful app for those who work directly with the audiovisual media in social or video networks. Editing is simple but effective with this app, which has been in the Android apps market for a while now.

Magisto review

There are more apps that deserve to be mentioned, but we’ll leave those for a second edition of this top.

What Android video editing app do you guys use? Leave your suggestions in the comments box so we can include them in the next top best video editor apps for Android.



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