The Best Trivia Games for Android

So, you think you’re very smart? Or do you just get excited when testing your knowledge? I don’t think I’m particularly clever, but I do like watching this kind of TV shows, and it drives me insane when a contestant can’t answer a blindingly obvious question.

Trivia TV shows have been around for a while now. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Jeopardy, The Price Is Right, Family Feud; for decades, we’ve watched these, even to this day. Now, we can have them in our mobile devices as well. And since it is quite also entertaining playing this kind of games yourself; that’s why the Reviewdapps team has decided to make this top best trivia games for Android.

We’ll bring you today a few games for you to flex you brain power while challenging yourself or your friends. Whatever your specialty is, there’ll be something for you in this great list of fun brain-teasers.

Top Best Trivia Games for Android.

The Best Trivia Games for AndroidTrivia Crack Review.

Trivia Crack is considered by many some of the best trivia games for Android of all times; like QuizUp, it is mainly oriented for mobile devices, and these two are very similar. Trivia Crack is packed with content and thousands of questions in more than 18 languages. What you do is compete with people from around the world (or your friends) to test your knowledge by spinning a wheel that’ll choose the category of the next question. Back in 2015, the game was considered one of the best of that year, and had a deal of various charts.

Again, like QuizUp, it is a social game. You can play at your own pace, though, over the course of a few days, if you wish; once you receive a challenge and accept it, you get to answer as many question as you can until you get one wrong. Then, it sends the challenge back to the other player.

You can get Trivia Crack for Android for free on the Play Store; this is ad-supported and contains in-app purchases. You can also get the paid version, ad-free, but will still contain in-app purchases.

Trivia Crack review

QuizUp for androidQuizUp Review.

QuizUp reached its peak a year before Trivia Crack, in 2014. Yet, it is still a quite popular, fun game for trivia lovers; especially if you’re competitive. QuizUp features online PvP matches with people from around (or with friends); all you have to do is answer trivia questions. There’s an incredibly wide assortment of topics you can choose from. Anything you could think of, from TV shows to very specific geography questions.

The player that scores the most points is the winner. So, challenge your friends to test each other’s knowledge! You can download QuizUp for Android for free on the Play Store.

QuizUp review

94% for android94% Review.

This is a really fun quiz game. In 94%, your goal is to guess the most common responses, 94% of the answers to any question. Guess the right answer and then move on to the next round. Once you guess the correct answers that the top 94% of respondents chose, you move onto the next round. If you think about it, this might as well be called “Family Feud”.

For example, let’s say you’re given this question. Countries in Europe. What you have to do next is basically guess what are the countries people associate the most with Europe; 94% of the answers people give.

There are over a hundred questions and levels in 94%, and this number grows frequently, as developers update and add new content every now and then. You can download 94% for Android for free on the Play Store; it does contain in-app purchases, but these are completely optional.

94% app review

Quizoid for androidQuizoid Review.

Quizoid might not have the best, most beautiful design, but it is a good game. Although it doesn’t come as elaborate, the minimalistic, slimmed-down interface looks pretty good. Now, the actual game is bomb. In this quiz game, you have to get the highest score as you can before you run out of lives; you have three, give the wrong answer and you lose one. Make three mistakes and it’s game over. However, to be fair, you can get to answer question of your favorite topic; math, sports, entertainment. There are up to 15 different categories.

There are both a free and a paid version. The free version comes with over 6000 questions, while the paid had more than 9000 and has other extra features, such as game modes and hints. Don’t worry though, if you get the free version; both versions are frequently updated.

If you want to try Quizoid out, you can get it on the Play Store. So, go ahead and play Quizoid for Android, online and even offline!

Quizoid review


Did we miss any of your favorites? Any suggestions? Let us know in the comment box down below so we can use them for best trivia games for Android part 2!



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