The best travel apps for Android

Top best travel apps for Android

best travel apps for AndroidDuoLingo Review.

When we go to another country where people speak a different language, it is important to at least know a few words and phrases to try to communicate our most basic needs. For this reason, apps such as DuoLingo start this top best travel apps for Android.

Full of short, interactive lessons and games that teach you how to read, write, understand and speak a language, DuoLingo covers 27 languages; that, including klingon. It starts with basic verbs, phrases and simple structures to learn new words every day.

DuoLingo is an excellent example of an app that goes straight to the point: learning languages. It is very simple to use. You set your profile, choose your target language, assign your weekly goals (only if you’re brave enough), and then start!

Each course in DuoLingo consists of modules (circles in the image below), which are grouped to form skills.

DuoLingo for android

XE Currency for androidXE Currency Review.

If maths and numbers are generally not your thing, then better use the XE currency converter app. Remember to update the currencies before leaving, this way you make sure you have the most accurate equivalents. An indispensable weapon in a pack of Android travel apps.

This app would be very useful if the country to which you are traveling has a different currency. You’ll be able to forget about squeezing your mind to calculate how much something costs in the local currency with XE. Convert each currency and know exchange rates that exist in every moment. It is one of the most popular apps, having it’s been downloaded more than 20 million times. The Reviewdeapps Team recommends not venture to travel without a currency converter.

XE Currency review

AccuWeather for androidAccuWeather Review.

It is vital to know what the weather will have for us during our holidays; whether it will rain, there’ll be a storm or if it’s just going to be a nice, sunny day. This is something all tourists have to keep in mind as this factor is decisive for what’s to come in their schedules; of it, many things will depend. That’s why it is so important to include a weather app for Android in this top best travel apps for Android. We might as well include what we think is one of the best apps this kind.

The best thing about this app is, without doubt, how complete it is. Visual and very informative. In a strike, all at once, it’ll let us know how the weather will be, information which will be immediately completed with other multiple data. It will show us the weather in general and in detail, hour by hour.

The more time you use the app, the more you realize how complete it actually is; even more complete than what it seemed at the beginning, which was already a lot. You have at your disposal very detailed information about almost everything you need.

AccuWeather review

Kayak for androidKayak Review.

A favorite of all frequent travelers. To avoid a headache when choosing where to stay, booking flights or a car, you can turn to Kayak. An inn or a 5-star hotel? This search engine will provide you with options that fit your pocket according to how long you will stay and other preferences. An app that cannot be missing from any top best travel apps for Android.

The Kayak app contains ingenious tools that facilitate and expedite the process of travel management, from the moment you book to the flight back home. Users can discover and get great deals on flights, hotels and rental cars, and even take advantage of the Explore feature to find the best promotions. Explore shows in a map a general view of cheaper flights. With the help of filters, you can refine this search and adapt it to any budget. And there’s even many other things you can do with this app.

Kayak review for Review.

A virtual guide based on every traveler’s personal style to give the best recommendations; that is Gogobot. With the ability to view photos and comments from other users, this app will make easier the task of deciding where to stay, what attractions to visit, where to eat or take something, and much more. It also allows you to create itineraries and add friends so they can also suggest things to do.

Having millions of downloads, it’s one of the most popular apps in the Play Store; it’s one of those Android apps that are necessary for every traveler and a perfect app to close this top best travel apps for Android. review



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