The best tennis games for Android

Top best tennis games for Android 2017

Virtual Tennis Challenge for androidVirtual Tennis Challenge Review.

To start this top best tennis games for Android, we decided to mention one of the greatest classics.

If you like tennis, you will love Virtua Tennis Challenge. You’ll have at your disposal 50 different players and 18 international courts that include all types of surfaces; clay, hardcourt, grass. In addition, you can perform Topspin strokes, forehand, backhand, drop shot, all with relative ease thanks to the touch screen controls. In a few matches, you’ll get used to the mechanics of the game. From that moment on, you’ll start winning games.

The only downside to the gameplay is that, sometimes, the game slows down and controls don’t respond as fast as they should. There is a free version, but has its limitations; if you want to play the full game, you have to pay $4.99 to get it.

 best tennis games for Android

Stick Tennis tour for androidStick Tennis Review.

Stick Tennis Tour brings the most arcade side of the racket sport. It has no pretensions of being a simulator, or that our movements on the track are accurate. The other way around, points have a very high pace and interlock from beginning to end.

All this rhythm and good speed is achieved through automatic movements. Our tennis player is placed alone in the best position possible to hit the ball.

There are various ways in which you can hit the ball;  volleys the ball anywhere on the court, slice it so that the opponent has to go over the net. It is very easy and you only have to slide the finger at the right time to make the move in question. This will be our task in this fascinating game.

A formula that’s worked very well, because it has many millions of downloads and is the best tennis games for Android.

Stick Tennis tour review

Cross Court Tennis 2 for androidCross Court Tennis 2 Review.

We already went through some animated, very fast gameplay alternatives. Now, let’s move one with one that’s much more realistic. If you already know this game, you’ll know it’s one of the best in Android games and the best tennis games for Android.

Cross Court Tennis 2 is one of the most realistic tennis simulators. Here, you can compete in 15 different international tournaments with 45 unique rivals on different surfaces like clay, grass and hardcourts. The game is very realistic and dynamic. Tennis’ fans will like to find a variety of stokes, effects, lobs and drop shots. You can also choose between 3 levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced.

The best is the degree of customization with which we can create our characters. It’s customizable to the point that we can make our characters look like us.

Cross Court Tennis 2 review

Ultimate Tennis for androidUltimate Tennis Review.

Experience authentic Stennis with these really simple controls. Build and manage your own team. You will have to face challenges against other players in real time. Dress up your tennis players with all kinds of outfits of your liking. Graphics are very realistic and players, very customizable. An authentic jewel of tennis games you must try; since we were talking about realism before, this is a great choice and a good game for this top best tennis games for Android.

This is a game adapted to touch screens. It’s one of the Tennis games with the best graphics for Android, as well as it includes a large team of characters.

The game allows us to improve our character with a set of statistics, and allows us to play against h AI or other players. A great tennis game you must try.

Details have been carefully taken care of; even how the clothes moves are carefully detailed. From the beginning, you’ll have to make decisions about your character to improve it. The more you play, the more fun you’ll have!


3d tennis for android3D tennis Review.

And we go back to simplicity at the end. To do so, we brought you this classic tennis games, since it has over 50 million downloads in the Play Store; it has earned its position in the Android ecosystem, and it’s one of the best tennis games for Android.

3D tennis has great graphics, game modes and simulation controls, which provide an experience you’ll want to repeat.

It is a tennis game for Android with realistic, 3D graphics, in which you can get into the skin of many of the most important players of the world within the world of tennis and play in four of the most famous tennis courts in the world.

3D tennis has a fairly simple game mechanic, but that works perfectly! We will see on the screen the course and both players; the match will start and if we serve, we’ll simply have to tap with our fingers on the screen to throw the ball in the air, and again to hit it with the racket.

After that, it’ll start the match. Our player will automatically move across the screen towards the best place. Our job will be to the screen up whenever it’s the perfect time to hit the ball. We will make a left a drop shot if we let it go down, being these two possible finger tennis moves.

3D tennis




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