The best simulation games for Android

Top best simulation games for Android 2017

best simulation games for AndroidThe Sims Review.

When talking about simulation games, there is one title that comes into our minds every time; one that’s been with us for generations and is still among us to the day. The Sims is the undisputed king of the best simulation games for Android. That’s why we open this top with this great game.

We don’t think we really need to explain what’s the game about, but if someone happens to not know, then it’s very simple. Our goal would be to make our Sim family happy. As easy as that. Although we would have to follow the same criteria as in real life: learning, fun, flirt, work, eat, hygiene, holidays; in general, all these activities will help us achieve the goal. Not to mention that we will be remodeling houses and growing families.

There are many versions of The Sims for Android, but on here, we’ll mention the classical Free To Play with in-app purchases.

The Sims app review


SimCity Buildit for androidSimCity Buildit Review.

As the previous game in this top best simulation games for Android, this is another classic. Many of us enjoyed its PC version and spent hours playing it. Well, Electronic Arts has decided to also bring this game to portable devices and onto the Android apps ecosystem. We are talking about the city simulator: Simcity Buildit.

Most of you might already know this one. For those who don’t, here’s a brief explanation: it’s some sort of city simulation. Your mission is to create, manage, and take care of them, with all tasks and complications this entails in a purely material aspect; as well as on a personal one, because a big city is not that big without people who are happy living in it. Basically, you are the Mayor of your city and you should make this the best in the world with smart decisions.

SimCity Buildit review

Plague Inc for androidPlague Inc Review.

Whoever has played this Android game, has been hooked by it many hours; this is something we can almost assure firsthand. One of the most popular simulation games for Android and also of the most original you can find.

On Plague Inc., the objective is quite simple. You have to create a virus and cause chaos; you’ll only become the winner if you can cause the end of all humanity with this virus you created. You can see in “real time” how many people are in each country, the measures they’ve taken against the virus and in dependence of that, you have to improve this virus to deal with Governments and these measures against you. Sounds fun, right? Well, it is.

Plague Inc review


Farming Simulator for androidFarming Simulator Review.

Another great sim game that came to stay. With a 4.4 score that speaks by itself, we present you to one of the best simulation games for Android. It has more than 20 million downloads on the Play Store gone, which makes it one of the most important Android game of the market.

Farming Simulator for Android allows us to run our farm and work hard for our harvest. We have some amazing 3D graphics and various tractor models. Lands, either we’re sowing corn or wheat, are dynamic and affect our movements. Mowing and reap the fruits for sale.

It has powerful, realistic 3D graphics, in addition to an exceptional playability. It contains in-app purchases.

Farming Simulator review


goat simulator for androidGoat Simulator Review

Honestly, this game earns the privilege of closing this top because of how crazy it is; on itself, the idea is pretty original and crazy. It is the Simulator about being a goat. Yeah, you read that correctly. Goats are crazy, we all know. Here, you can be mad as a hornet, and even homicidal. You can go around the streets goring anyone who gets on your way to death.

Goat Simulator was born as a joke, a joke its developers made in less than a month, plagued by bugs. They really didn’t expect to sell anything, even less considering the $5 it costs. Creators themselves say it’s a stupid game and would recommend not to buy it, to better spend that money on a hula hoop or a stack of blocks.

This game became viral immediately. The reason? Comedy. It’s funny. The game and its bugs will make you laugh till it hurts. However, honestly, after 30 min of gameplay, it gets boring, because you’ll already know great part of the secrets.

Still, because of its powerful virality and originality, we should include it in this top best simulation games for Android.

goat simulator review

These are just a few of the Android simulation games; there are a lot of these games out there and we could spend hours and hours talking about them. But for now, we’ll stop here.

As always, we’d like to hear your suggestions in the comments so we can include them in future tops.



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