The best RPGs for Android

Top best RPGs for Android 2017

best RPGs for AndroidStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for Android Review.

This game comes by the hand of BioWare. More experienced players will know this company is responsible for current hits such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Years before these two sagas hit the market, BioWare developed Knights of the Old Republic, an RPG centered in the universe of Star Wars that saw the light for the first time for Xbox in 2003. Hopefully, we can soon see the sequel to this excellent RPG also for Androids.

It’s a mythical title many PC and Xbox players remember as one of the best games of all time. That’s why we opened this top best RPGs for Android with this great title.

It has a price of $9.99 in the Play Store, which is pretty expensive. However, this is definitively one of the best Android games available that can offer up to 10 hours of gameplay; without problems and with an interactive story as all of Bioware’s game, this one molds to your decisions.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic for Android

final fantasy for androidSquare Enix Android Games Review.

We had to mention the good dose of JRPGs the Square Enix company gives us; it is well-known for many of the best RPGs for consoles in the world, such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, among many others. Now here it comes into the Play Store ecosystem, bringing many of these titles for Android.

Experienced players will already know these games and how good they are: The World Ends With You, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Saga, Dragon Quest, among many other great titles and a few originals for Android. This is a developer that, although it sells rather expensive games, these are worth it because they are the best RPGs for Android we can find.

square enix android review

evoland for androidEvoland Review.

Specially designed for the most passionate for adventure and role playing games, Evoland will make you enjoy the action with a little particularity: you’ll go through the history of RPG games.

As you complete levels and scenarios, you will unlock new technologies, game systems and better graphics. You will go from 2D to 3D, and battles by turns to fights in real time in the same game. Therefore, you’ll have the chance to experiment like never before the evolution of the genre, with humor and winks to specific moments of classic games.

A pretty enriching, well- structured growing experience that will keep you on your toes. It has a price of $5.30, which is not expensive considering the genre and how well developed the game is.

evoland review

Zenonia 5 for androidZenonia Saga Review.

The Zenonia franchise has established itself as one of the RPG action sagas by excellence, exclusive of iOS and Android. Developed by Gamevil, it presents a balanced gameplay of action and roles next to a very elaborate presentation; all under the free-to-play business model.

With exclusive winks that can be found in these genres RPG, such as the typical sense of humor of a few characters to a story that gets better as it goes forward, alongside the evolution of our characters. All this gives Zenonia its place in this top best RPGs for Android.

The story of this saga isn’t especially interesting; the typical story we have seen for years about defeating a Dark Lord, or rescuing someone. The playability is really good and the graphics are, too; that’s what really grants it place in the list.

These games are totally free, which is highly appreciated in this genre, as these don’t come out free-to-play often. But it should be noted that it contains in-app purcases. While these aren’t mandatory, they really can save us a lot of time.

Zenonia review

Angy Birds epic for androidAngy Birds Epic Review.

It is important the inclusion of all audiences for this fun, gratifying genre RPG is. So, to end this top best RPGs for Android, we want to include a title ROVIO hands us with its typical birds; that’s Angry Birds Epic, a RPG saga with the good, old same birds as always fighting by turns the evil pigs.

This game is an installment in which, although it doesn’t shine for its story as with any of the other titles, it does stand out for many other reasons. Graphics are great, an amazing variety of weapons and magic to fight with, funny moments typical of the series, and much more. A game that both experts of the genre and newbies will enjoy and that children can definitely be introduced to, as the difficulty level isn’t that harsh.

The app is free and contains some in-app purchases, as well as a bit of ads. With over 50 million downloads and 4.5 score, we know this is a great game.

Angry Birds epic review

The RPG has always been one of the most popular game genres, since we’ve been using those old consoles and playing 8 and 16 bit games that already delivered several installments for these sagas. They are games that offer us a compelling story from start to finish as well as hours of fun; because of that, we love it very much.

With the revolution of smartphones and the normalization of Android games, it’s gratifying to recall that experience. To play from our cell phones and take the game anywhere with us.

This list has just some of the best RPGs for Android. If you know any other great saga or want to recommend one, we would gadly hear it. Leave down below in the comments your recommendation so we can know which RPGs to try.



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