The Best racing games for Android

Top best racing games for android 2017

Best racing games for androidNeed For Speed Most Wanted Review.

Of course we have to open this top best Racing games for Android with what’s possibly the most famous game of this genre: Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Need for Speed Most Wanted game is realistic and of really high quality however, it takes up about 550 MB during and approximately 1900 MB of storage. But keep in mind it is worth it, considering the performance and graphics of the game.

With this app, you can ride and customize more than 40 of the world’s most exciting cars and answer to other user’s requests to make the racing more exciting.

You can turn the wheel through tapping the touchscreen or by tilting the device. You can earn points and use modifications to improve your car to put you at the ahead of everyone else. Thanks to this game, you can customize a dynamic wallpaper of your own game.

Need For Speed Most Wanted android review

Traffic Rider for androidTraffic Rider Review.

In an industry dominated by large development companies, any indie game or alternative that sneaks in the ranking of the top most downloaded deserves its merit. And of course, the honor to be in the top best Racing games for Android. Traffic Rider is one of these games.

This racing game delves into a model for a very popular game: dodging vehicles when you’re immersed in a jam. There are a whole series of games for browser and mobile minigames which consist of the same. But what makes Traffic Rider different to others is that you avoid the traffic on a bike, and 3D graphics.

You can share your achievements with all your friends on your social media. The game is completely free, the only thing is you play with limited lives by hours per day. However, it has a solid 4.7 score, being the highest of this top.

Traffic Rider review

CSR Racing for androidCSR Racing Review.

With CSR Racing, you’ll access incredible clandestine races on the streets- With over 65 amazing authentic cars, impressive graphics, an addictive gameplay and intense online competition, this is one strong contender for the top.

In this game, you’ll have to beat five bands to rule over your city without letting other mess with you. You just have to defeat each of the leaders and then you’ll be the new King of the Streets.

You can improve your engine, choose the best tires and reduce weight to improve your time in the quarter-mile. This app allows you to compete online against real players for special cars that aren’t available in the showroom.

A little classic, but as long as it is as well-developed as in this case, it’s worth mentioning and trying out. Definitely, one of the best Racing games for Android.

CSR Racing review

Horizon Chase for androidHorizon Chase Review.

This game is based on the 1990s racing games, when consoles barely displayed the 8 bits; so, it has quite simple graphics and the gameplay is very simple. That doesn’t mean it’s boring; it’s just different. You’ll even find that controls are different from any other racing game.

The interesting thing about this game is the experience it gives, since, in addition to blocky graphics typical of the 90s, it is also accompanied by music from classics such as Top Gear, Rush, and others. I’m pretty sure that make a few of you racing games fans a bit nostalgic.

In terms of game modes, it has a classic arcade functionally where you can compete against the AI in over 82 tracks. But you can also challenge your friends. It also has support for MFi, with which you’ll also be able to use an external gamepad.

Horizon Chase review

Grand Prix Story for androidGrand Prix Story Review.

If you’re looking for a realistic experience, then this is your game. However, this is another different racing game for Android developed by Kairosoft, a group known for making simple yet quirky simulation games. It’s a pretty jewel of the genre for Android, we think. With its 4.6 score, it speaks for itself; it’s a different option to complete this top best Racing games for Android.

In this simulation game, you will be the boss of your own team. That’ll allow you to train pilots, get sponsoring, and win as many races as possible.

The main thing in this game is to have a car that will allow you to win the race; sounds simple, but it’s somewhat complicated. If you want to win the world of Formula 1, where your team is racing, they must have their cars completely soup up.

Grand Prix Story review



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