The best puzzle games for Android

Top best puzzle games for Android 2017.

Monument Valley for androidMonument Valley Review.

To open this top best puzzle games for Android, we’ll mention one of the most famous and awarded games, as well as one of the most beautiful the Android platform has seen in recent times: Monument Valley, a work of art made a game.

Monument Valley is a puzzle game with impossible architecture; from the very first moment you start playing, you’ll be fascinated with all its creativity overflow. Totally beautiful and surreal worlds will be in charge of providing challenges that will increasingly get harder and harder.

Our mission is to guide the Silent Princess Ida through mysterious monuments, discover hidden paths, reveal optical illusions and dodge the Crow Men. It is a must play for any fan of puzzles.

best puzzle games for Android

The Room for androidThe Room Review.

The award-winning saga, The Room, has three amazing installments for this spectacular puzzle game. Another great essential that’s definitely one of the best puzzle games for Android that any fan of the genre should test.

The Room will transport you to a unique space in which, alongside its fascinating and mysterious levels, you will have to solve the puzzles of the boxes that you’ll find in every room. The game is completely immersive and chilling. Totally recommended to play with headphones.

The saga The Room has currently three deliveries, which you should start with the first one, to follow the story. The first installment of The Room has a price of $0.99; The Room 2 has a price of $1.99 dollars, and The Room 3, a price of $3.99.

The Room review

World of GOO for androidWorld of GOO Review.

Those console gamers from years ago will recognize this name; a very famous Nintendo Wii game for the console. With enough awards and prizes to its credit, we get for Android devices. Its 4.7 score says it is still as good on this adaptation.

The dynamics of this game is based on creating structures using a viscous black substance called “goo” in order to move between levels. The game is divided into several chapters, which in turn, are divided into different levels, each with a different design.

There are sticky goos as well as flammable, hard and heavy, light as a balloon, and more types exist. Our mission is to create a stable structure using the properties of the Goos we have in each level to save a minimal amount of these Goos. It is very easy to get hooked on this game and spend hours and hours having fun with it.

world of goo app review

Two Dots for androidTwo Dots Review.

With over 50 million downloads a 4.4 score to its credit, this is one of the toughest contender for this top best puzzle games for Android. A classic that almost all of us who have owned an Android have played. Two Dots is a nice game with quite simple but nice graphics that has been able to vitiate a lot of players around the world.

On Two Dots, it’s all about making dots match, either with lines or squares; similar to the way you play 3 combinations puzzle games, but with a countdown. It has up to 380 fun, addictive levels. Each puzzle board has its own unique setting in the background, like a lively forest covered with snow or a jungle.

Two Dots review

Spirits for androidSpirits Review.

Now, this is a not-so-famous game. But on the short time it has spent on the Play Store, it has already had people talk about it a lot and has had its fame increasing. The game is inspired in the universe of the deceased director Miyazaki’s famous films, like Spirited Away; here, we’ll control a few small spirits in this game with such beautiful art and rich history that characterizes Miyazaki.

It’s about helping to guide the spirits home after the change of season from fall. These spirits are generated from the leaves falling from the trees, and your job is to make sure they get where they have to be, being shrewd enough to overcome the obstacles that pop up.

All things considered, this is a very good game. It has a little more than 100 thousand downloads and a flawless 4.5 score. The game offers a free demo to let you see if you like it; afterwards, you can get it for a comfortable price of $2.50. That’s nothing for a good game, and this is really worth it.

Spirits app review

These are just a few of the most famous and best puzzle games for Android. However, we do know we missed many mentions on this because we know this is one of the most popular genre in Android. Some very good ones as Lara Croft GO we’ll include in future tops coming soon. As always, leave comments and suggestions down below so we can include them soon.



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