The best puzzle games for Android Part 2

Top best puzzle games for Android 2017

Strata for androidStrata Review.

To begin this best top puzzle games for Android wanted, we wanted to mention a new game; this is one of the most recent we can find in this list, but it doesn’t mean we have to underestimate it. With a 4.6 score and more than 50 thousand downloads, Strata is a future great puzzle game for Android. We on Reviewdapps encourage you to try it out.

Far from being visually beautiful, it mixes audio elements to increase the sensory magnificence and so make users immerse themselves in the game, so it would be ideal to play with your headphones on. The objective with Strata is to make ribbons of matching colors on the Board, but it’s going to be harder than it seems, and each puzzle gets more and more difficult.

The game has a small price of $3; however, its great gameplay experience is even nominated for multiple category awards. With its beautiful 2D design, which will please many, this is a great option.

 best puzzle games for Android

Cut the rope for androidCut the rope Review.

We already mentioned a relatively new game that’s making its way through the Play Store and all other Android games. Now we will see one of the veterans from this list of the best puzzle games for Android; from some of the first puzzles games to hit and demolish the competition on the Google Play.

We’ll mention the original one, although it does have several sagas, as the most recent Cut the Rope Magic. Today, we’ll talk about the one that caused furor: Cut the Rope… again. What we have to do is calculate trajectories, and as in Angry Birds, gravity will be a key factor. However, here we have to pay special attention on predicting how objects subject to the strings will move once we cut them; of course, always keeping in mid how we cut them and at what height.

The objective is quite simple: that the candy on each directly falls into Om Nom’s mouth.

Cut the rope review


Portal for androidPortal Review.

We could say lots of things about the mythical Valve game that puts us in the shoes of Chell, the special test subject who must overcome many tests with portals. We are talking about one of the most important console games ever. This contemporary game is already considered a classic and has become one of the best in history.

Portal itself is a quite odd game. It seems a first person shooting game, in which there are no enemies; Instead the aim is to reach the end of each level using a portal gun. Left click, and create a portal, click right and create another connected to the previous one. Simple rules for one of the most exciting and challenging puzzle games there are.

For whoever hasn’t played it before (though we honestly don’t think these are many), we don’t want to spoil the surprise for saying a thing too many. Portal will have on the Play Store a price of $10; quite expensive but it’s worth it, as with it, you’ll be acquiring one of the best games ever and the Honorific mention in this best top best puzzle games for Android.

Portal app review


hitman go for androidHitman GO Review.

We aren’t exactly speaking of an indie game. It was developed by one of the companies with the most experience and time in the video game development market: Square Enix Montreal. They are responsible for having created one of the most important best puzzle games for Android of recent times: Hitman GO.

This game successfully implemented many elements of the franchise it made tribute to with a very beautifully presented board game that surpassed the expectations of many might expect; very cleverly leveraging the capabilities of smartphones, they handed us a very well-designed puzzle game.

Hitman Go is a game in which the player is presented to a Board puzzle; in it, every movement of your tab equals as well the coordinated movement of other enemy tabs. Your goal is generally to escaoe ot finish a target. For that, you’ll have to sure the coast is clear and that you’re out of anybody’s sight or by eliminating them, placing yourself in their place without being detected. If that ever happened, you’d have to start all over again.

hitman go review

With this, we finishe this top best puzzle games for Android part 2. Unfortunately, there are still quite a few classic like Candy Crush we didn’t include this time; so we’d like to see in the comments box suggestions and contributions for future lists.



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