Best pregnancy apps for Android

Top best pregnancy apps for Android 2017

best pregnancy apps for AndroidBaby Names Review.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the first question future parents ask themselves. If you’ve been there, you’ll know how hard the struggle is. Not too long ago, some people used to search on the Internet for names, but now we have apps with long lists of names that even show you the most popular according to a region.

So, what better than to open this list of best pregnancy apps for Android with Baby Names? An app that boasts more than 50,000 names for boys and girls, divided by origin, with an explanation of their meanings and popularity ranking. It’s in English, is available for Apple and Android, and is also free; of course, there is a Premium version you can get for a little more than $2, which will give us even better options and more spacious lists.

top best pregnancy apps for Android

Contraction Timer for androidContraction Timer Review.

The day has finally come: you start your labor and need have to control the time between contraction and contraction. It is clear at that time it is sometimes difficult to control the nerves; it’s totally understandable! Controlling contractions is not the easiest thing (or the most important on your mind). But don’t worry, you have your smartphone for that. There are many apps with which you can take control of your contractions by minute, but one of the best valued by the users is Contraction Timer.

It has a stopwatch and it’s enough with your tapping when the contractions starts and stops for it to show you the time it lasted and the history of previous contractions.

Contraction Timer review

baby center for androidBaby Center Review.

This app is complete, simple, and of easy access to the gestation period. With tons of information that will facilitate our life and aswer some questions when it comes to pregnancy. It even has databases from several countries for fertility clinics and others. An essential app for all expecting couple; that’s why we give it its deserved place in this top best pregnancy apps for Android.

Symptoms and mood swings can be daily tracked, as well as you can add notes and other weekly information (3D ultrasound images, weight and height of the baby). It also has organizers and customizable lists, reminders, photo storage, and lets you share the content in your social media. You just have to enter the estimated date of birth so that it’ll give you all the necessary information about your pregnancy. You can also include photos, ultrasound or reviewing your nutrition guide.

Baby Center review

Pregnancy Assistant for androidPregnancy Assistant Review.

This app is very easy to use and will give you everything you need to know. As its name suggests, this app will assist you throughout the pregnancy. In this sense, it will allow you to follow the growth of your baby, and to offer you simple, brief explanations. It will prevent your life from becoming more complicated. It’s very similar to Baby Center and pretty good; a reasonable alternative.

Pregnancy Assistant review

Totally Pregnant for androidTotally Pregnant Review.

Many of those that already were modern mothers surely know this app. If they didn’t, we’ll introduce them to it. It’s one of the best Android apps that faithfully represents this top best pregnancy apps for Android.

Totally Pregnant is one of the favorite applications of pregnant women, with reliable information about the growth of the baby, state of health, items you need for your baby’s care, advice and even facts about fetal development.

There are videos, 3D animations of how the baby should look in the womb each week and videoblogs from other mothers in the same stage of pregnancy. Additionally, it offers shopping within the application for yoga classes, prenatal and even some postnatal meditation.

Totally Pregnant review

I'm Expecting for androidI’m Expecting Review.

With I’m Expecting, you can compare your symptoms with other moms’, track performed clinical analyses, your weight during the pregnancy, have a countdown till birth and participate in the online MedHelp forums and discuss these issues with other users. It shows updates and weekly videos about pregnancy and also allows you to create a photographic journal of the whole journey.

A complete app and perhaps the most popular pregnancy app on Android. Almost a social network for pregnant women which also includes many other useful features. Pregnant women should have this one on their smartphones; on Reviedapps, we recommend it. It’s probably the best app of this top best pregnancy apps for Android and one of the best Android apps in this field.

I'm Expecting review

BabyBump for androidBabyBump Review.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro is one of the most recognized and most complete pregnancy tracking apps. With a neat design and a simple user experience integrated with Facebook and Twitter, it offers access to forums, countdowns, schematic images of the baby, information and symptoms tracking, cravings and body changes every week. Besides from that, contractions registration as well as its duration, intervals and frequency and kicks counter. It even allows you to create a photo slideshow.

This app is worthy of closing this top best pregnancy apps for Android, since it is of the most complete of the Play Store. With a score of 4.5 certifying this, it’s an app recommended for pregnant women.

BabyBump review



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