Best prank apps for Android

Top Best prank apps for Android 2017.

GhostCam Review.

If you want a classic joke that always ends up in hilarious results, GhostCam is the ideal app. Take a photo of a friend, and before you show them, add a realistic ghost by their side thanks to the app. It can be somewhat gore or something subtler, depending on whether you want to get them to scream or not; if you’re pretty cruel, you can make their hairs stand on end for a week with the thought of a ghost following them. They’ll even want to show other people the evidence, so, Iaugh lots. A good joke that will freak your friends out, the best to open a top best prank apps for Android.

Broken Screen Prank for androidBroken Screen Prank Review.

Move a few feets away from your friend with their phone in your possession and secretly install the Cracked Screen Prank app for Android. Don’t forget to turn up the volume. When your friend grabs the phone, they’ll hear the sound of glass breaking and they will see the screen cracking. They will surely have a fright, but also a priceless face. Obviously, the device won’t be broken, but the effect is pretty realistic.

An old but gold joke many will think it’s too unfashion. But truth be told, it always has hilarious, very gratifying, fun results at first sight.

Broken Screen Prank review

Dude Car Prank for android 2Dude Car Prank Review.

This joke can take more than one person’s breath. With Dude Car Prank, we can make a friend believe their car is on fire; all you have to do is take a picture of the car and place on top one of the fire images the app offers, adjusting it so that its looks as real as possible. Lighting and the user’s skill will be key for the montage to make it more or less credible when the time comes to make our joke. Once we have that ready, we just have to send it to our victim.

Results can be pretty realistic depending on how you set up the flames on the photo, if it is good quality. Indeed, if it all goes well, we can give that person a heart attack. The Reviewdapps team think this is the best Android prank app, and this is the special mention in this list of the best prank apps for Android. Because it is truly a very successful app.

Dude Car Prank review

Real Razor reviewReal Razor Review.

If you’re a Jackass fan, the razor joke might ring a bell. This app simulates a razor machine’s sound to make your friends believe you’ve shaved a chunk of hair. It has sound and vibration, and also works with the proximity sensor for more realism. The app is quite realistic and for this reason we will get a good result frightening our pals. If, in addition, we complement this by throwing a bit of real hair on the floor, we’ll possibly cry from laughter or deal with a very pissed-off friend.

Real Razor for android

Fart Sound Board for androidFart Sound Board Review.

Well, here is the most classic and scatological of all jokes. Nothing like waiting for a friend to go sit at the table and play a good fart sound. With Fart SoundBoard for Android, we’ll get an amazing repertoire of fart sounds with which you’ll be able to get any effect you want. With a little creativity, you’ll definitely make your friend embarrassed with this classic joke that never goes old. A classic among the top of best prank apps for Android.

Fart Sound Board review

Ghost Detector Fun for androidGhost Detector Fun Review.

If your friend or your partner is credulous to the core and think spirits are surrounding us, you can make a good joke with Ghost Detector. This is a ghost detector with which fictitious ectoplasmic entities near you will be shown. You can even ask them questions and they will answer in a very enigmatic way. You can invite your friends to spend a night over, talking to the “ghosts” on your mobile. We do assure you: you’ll have a great time seeing their faces of fear.

Ghost Detector Fun review

Lie Detector Simulator for Fun for androidLie Detector Simulator for Fun Review.

Make everyone believe you have a lie detector on your mobile and let them have a tough time asking them uncomfortable questions. Just to see what’s their answer going to be. But be careful! This game you can get out of hands if out of the blue your friend tells you they have has fallen in love with your mother or secretly made out with your partner. By touching the screen with the polygraph app while they answer, a true or false message with pop up. Because of how creative the app is and the moments it could give us, this can be categorized as one of the best prank apps for Android.

Lie Detector Simulator for Fun review

Voice changer with effectsVoice changer with effects Review.

Play your friends a joke with this voice changer app for Android. You can modify your voice with the most amazing effects; you’ll like it so much you’ll have fun on your own. Sounds like a police siren, rain, storms, beaches, bathroom, discos, wars and even the Dark Lord, Darth Vader’s voice. A great, large list of voices for you to prepare your best jokes. An app and mandatory mention when talking about the best prank apps for Android.

Voice changer with effects review

This is our top best prank apps for Android from among many we have tested and used ourselves to kill a little time. But we do know there are lots more we don’t even know; that’s why we’re asking you guys to comment your favorite prank apps for Android. Then we’ll be able to make another top  to die from laughter on the back of our friends.



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