The best point and click adventure games for Android.

Top best point and click adventure games for Android 2017.

Machinarium for androidMachinarium Review.

This genre has been present in the video game industry since the 80’s, when they became popular and tons of titles we consider nowadays classics were released. Starting this top best point and click adventure games for Android with Machinarium is simple; it’s just a brilliant game that boasts many downloads and a flawless 4.6 score.

Machinarium is of those games that leave a mark; a game you can never forget, and for which you desperately wait for a second part. The story of this robot, Josef, is full of charm, and the same happens with the retrofuturistic aesthetics of the backgrounds we’ll be going through in the game. However, the carefully designed puzzles are also worthy of praise. They are presented to us throughout the gameplay, and as you’ll see, they’re pretty challenging. It is unusual for a pay game with that many reviews to keep such a high score. But that’s because there are many reasons why people like it.

best point and click adventure games

kaptain brawe for androidKaptain Brawe Review.

Let’s move one to another great graphic adventure; a game with some good humor winks that left a good taste in our mouths. Although at first sight it doesn’t look any surprising, and even though it’s no longer on the Play Store, the short while it spent there, allowed it to win the hearts of the people and made it to the top best point and click adventure games for Android.

This is a graphic adventure with lots of personality based on Monkey Island. In Kaptain Brawe, we’ll be in the shoes of a messy space police officer who’ll end up involved in a series of interrelated plots. The game is free, but to access the full content, you have to purchase in order to unlock it. But we can say it is really worth it; and, as we can try it for free, you don’t have to think too much. Just download it!

Here you have a link to the unofficial apk for download.

kaptain brawe review

The Great Fusion for androidThe Great Fusion Review.

The Great Fusion, which boasts a hand-drawn graphic section worth of admiration, transports us to the year 2022. A year where society has changed to such an extent the streets are inhabited by either very rich, or very poor people.

In this new era, laws are quite absurd; incompetent people lead big corporations and Copyright bearers censors the free culture. Come on; this is a fictional adventure fiction that, unfortunately, isn’t very far from reality.

This adventure has it all: great graphics, “Day of Tentacle” styled fun parodies, and good dose of comedy, puzzle and dialogues. In addition, it has been developed by a Spanish company, Loading Home; this type of games seems to be their specialty, but judge that for yourself. A very nerd themed game every geek will enjoy. This you can purchase for 2.41 euros. Quite the jewel of Android gaming that deserves its place among the best point and click adventures games for Android.

The Great Fusion review


Game of Thrones A Telltale game series for androidGame of Thrones: A Telltale game series.

All games by this company are very good; it’s actually difficult to pick just one. B utif we had to choose one, it’ll be the Game of Thrones installment. A game that manages to make us feel all those emotions we felt watching the series on TV. One of the best point and click adventure games undoubtedly.

Telltale has us to feel a wide range of emotions, from the first episode to the last. Yes, it’s true that the base (the universe created by George R.R. Martin) is already wonderful, but the study offers us an epic story that, while it follows the guidelines given by the writer, is totally different from what we can see in the television series.

There is littlee can say that ’s hasn’t been toldalready w. If The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us are considered important titles by Telltale, this Game of Thrones is not far behind. In dramatic terms, it equals the popular zombie series, and like the aforementioned, it’ll keep us wondering who’s going to die next (here, even with greater success, since we control several characters whose fate lies in our hands, instead of just one).

Game of Thrones A Telltale game series review

Broken Sword for androidBroken Sword Review.

Broken Sword is one of the great classics of graphic adventures, and its launch for mobile devices was already quite some time ago. However, it is necessary to include it in this top best point and click adventure games for Android. If you already knew the series, you know there are several installments and that is pretty hard to just pick one of them; but most people seem to prefer the fifth. We, in any case, have preferred to gamble our safe bet and talk about the first of them; the one that started it all. It was simply remastered for iOS and Android as a “director’s cut”, but ended up being a hit. If you like, and you will, you can move forward on to the next.

We don’t need to say much more about this game. While it’s true it’s not as famous as other titles we could have included (cough, cough, The Walking Dead), but that’s the interesting thing about these tops. Getting to know new games that aren’t as famous as others in the genre.

The story begins with George Stobbart, an American tourist who sees his vacation in Paris abruptly interrupted by an explosion in a cafe. From then on, the protagonist, in the company of the so-called journalist, Nicole Collard, will start an investigation that hides conspiracies, cults and murders; all this revolving around the Templar Knights. This adventure will take them to different locations around the world, from Paris, to Ireland and Syria, and even Spain and Scotland.

Broken Sword review



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