Best Photo Android Apps for (2017)

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android of 2017

Nowadays, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool; it’s a small pocket PC you can carry around everywhere you go and that’s always with us.

As time went by and the launch of more powerful and modern models became more and more frequent, these device’s utilities have multiplied. And apps also have evolved. This saturation of Android apps means often that you may have a certain difficulty finding what you are looking for or you can even end up not knowing which one to choose between all the different alternatives you have at your fingertips.

If you are one of those users, fans of selfies and photography in general with your mobile Android or simply an amateur photographer and even a professional who wants to have a second camera in their mobile, then you should read and analyze this article to know our recommendations when it comes to best photography apps for managing and best photo editing apps.

With the boom of social networks and middle to high end mobile phones, these are some of most commonly used apps every day, the most downloaded on each different platform and that Android users spend the most time on.

Top Best Phgotography Apps For Android

SnapseedSnapseed for Android is an indispensable photo editing app even if we already other apps of this kind in our phones. Snapseed by Google has very advanced functions to edit those photos and even supports images in RAW format. Something quite interesting for those who have an Android mobile that has that feature.

It also comes with a huge repertoire of filters that can be easily customized. Their best tick is that some of these filters, as those in the Drama category, are so used that if we get a hand on them it will be possible to achieve images way too similar to many others circulating on the Internet.

VSCO CAMThis app stands out for its ease to apply filters on photos with just a touch and a little adjust of the levels in a different way for each photo. Although it has very little time as Android app, as it was previously aimed for iOS devices, it is already considered by many as the standard photography application for mobile devices with Android 4.0 or superior

Between its features, we can find display, the cutting of segments of the photography, the creation of a greater contrast, horizontal rotation or dissolving. VSCO Cam offers you the possibility to compare photos before and after applying the effects to achieve complementing your photos with the best effects. You can also create online photo albums to share with your friends and social networks.

Camera Zoom FX: This is the most popular shooting app; it allows users to make a great amount of actions, among which we can mention:

  • Use different shooting modes: normal, stable, shot with timer, burst mode, voice activation, collage and timelapse.
  • Make adjustments on the values of the camera, as the ISO and others.
  • Apply effects on the pictures that you take
  • Use zoom levels
  • Switch between both cameras
  • Among many more things that will depend on your Smartphone by far.

Adobe Photoshop Express: If we talk about photography editing, there are a large number of Android apps for editing photos, but very few actually deliver good quality. And when talking about quality, no other name stands out more than Adobe; when it comes to best Android editing apps, it is simply the best. That is why Adobe Photoshop Express will always be the best option to edit the pictures you’ve taken.

We made a while ago a review on Adobe Photoshop Express; here you can read it if you want.



VignetteVignette is an elegant app of elite for demanding users; it has 70 filters and 50 customizable frames, zoom digital 10 X, timelapse and automatic shutter release. This app has timer and image stabilization, allows Geotagging and one of its most outstanding qualities is that you can put the camera away from you and activate the shutter via Bluetooth.

Camera360 Ultimate: More than 250 million users can’t be wrong with Camera 360 Ultimate. The Android app has created so many features with views to facilitate life for users, that it has earned its presence in all the app topa. With the launch of Camera360 Cloud that has added up to this app, you can edit, archive and share any photo from only one place.

This app has among its features more than 100 Visual effects, in addition to the basic cut, rotate, texture, etc. With Camera 360 Ultimate, you can choose between multiple frames in real time regardless of the resolution that you are using (16:9 / 4:3 / 1:1). In addition, this app can support photos in HDR quality.

The Photographer’s EphemerisThis is a not so well known application, but is indeed perfect for nature and landscapes photographers and those who persecute the Sun and the Moon, sunsets and sunrises. And not only does it let you know when the next sunsets will take place, but also tells you exactly where you should place yourself if you are looking after, for example, photographing the sun behind that bell tower you like so much, or if you’re thinking of photographing the moon between your favorite rock arch. The app works  in an exceptional way, it only has one little detail and is that it is paid but it is really worth it, being only just little more than $5.



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