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Top best personal assistant for Android 2017

Google Now reviewGoogle Now Review.

We decided to start this top best personal assistant for Android with 2 of the best apps in the entire Android ecosystem. They both belong to Google and bear its quality seal on the front.

Google is one of the most veteran companies in the search engine business, and as time went by, it has made Google Now one of the most interesting alternatives on the market.

Google Now is an Assistant that’s not only capable of answering our questions, but is also able to show us information that may concern us before we even think of looking for it. It is perfectly integrated with Android, and if we use Google Now Launcher, we can access it from our home screen.

Google Now for android

best personal assistant for AndroidGoogle Allo Review.

Google Assistant is an app that will be integrated into the implementation of Google; so, it’ll be integrated into the assortment of services and products by Google, like Google Photos, Camera, YouTube, or even the Dialer. Google Assistant will be compatible not only with our mobile phone, but with other devices like Android Wear watches and cars with Android Auto, or even with new devices such as Google Home.

Many wonder what the difference between both of Google’s assistants is. We could say this is it: the main difference we find between Google Now and Google Assistant is that it seems that Google has learned from Siri, and will respond to our questions in a more natural way. Google Assistant is also able to understand what we are asking in a more contextual way.

Both are good options and which one could be considered to be best, depends on the user. Google Assistant is more complete than its antecessor, therefore, deserves its mention in this list of the best personal assistant for Android.

Google Assistant review

Hound for androidHound Review.

Hound could be one of the voice assistants with the greatest potential, and we wish it keeps improving. Unlike its rivals, Hound won’t show us information we haven’t asked for; instead, what it’ll do is to answer our petitions.

Once we open the app, it will show us in a card format, questions we can make it, and it will gladly answer.

Also, it has interesting features such as being able to be linked to your Yelp account and Uber. In this way, it’ll help you save a lot of work and effort.

Besides from Titans such as Google, Hound is one of the virtual assistants that have been gaining more and more popularity and making it to the list of the best personal assistant for Android in 2017.

Hound review

EVI for androidEVI Review.

EVI, another likeable character that will help you organize issues and actions within the terminal. EVI is a free app free of additional charges once you download it, which works with artificial intelligence to be our assistant and right hand in all things we do when we interact with a smartphone. Instead of working as a search engine, Evi understands what we want and gives us detailed yet “digested” information, instead of a list of potential results.

In the same way as Siri, Evi will be able to do many things using our voice, without needing to touch the screen.

The best about this assistant is that it is completely free. Its features aren’t unique, but pretty good indeed.

EVI review

Indigo Virtual Assistant for androidIndigo Virtual Assistant Review.

When talking about virtual assistants for Android, Indigo is possibly the best choice you will find hovering between the Android apps. Many consider Android’s Royalty, the Siri for these devices. As well as many others consider it to be even superior to Siri, since it is more comprehensive. It is able to understand everything up to 5 times better, with little room for error.

You can make a call to your contacts: all you have to do is say out loud “call this person”, and the software will make the call without us having to go to contacts or dial the number. We can ask it what’s time there or in any other country; for example, what’s time is in Japan. The software will tell us what time it is.

We can ask for the weather where we are or in any other country or city in the world. You can also use Indigo to tweet something with your account without having to use the keyboard or Facebook.

It’ll answer to our questions in our natural language using voice commands, like what’s the weather like or showing nearby cinemas; all of this spoken in our natural language.

You can even keep a long conversation without any problems. Its 4.4 score and more than 1 million downloads speak by itself. Therefore, we conclude this top best personal assistant for Android with this amazing option.

Indigo Virtual Assistant review



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