Best Note Taking Apps for Android

Top Best Note Taking Apps for Android 2017.

Best Note Taking Apps for androidEverNote Review.

EverNote is one of the best apps to keep everything in order. Its interface is fairly neat, packed with tons of features, but still easy to navigate; sharing notes with others, attaching files such as photos or PDFs to notes, scanning a document or adding a to-do list will be a piece of cake with Evernote.

Its mix of functionality and simplicity has carved a niche in the business world in recent years; although it is very functional outside the office, too. For many users, Evernote is the best note taking app in the whole Play Store or available for Android in general.

Since it has important features, such as attaching files, creating checklists, organizing receipts or bills and the possibility of sharing notebooks in case you have a team project and wish to work with your teammates anytime. It also boasts a comfortable Work Chat to keep in touch at all times without having to leave the app. All of this makes it earn the first mention in the Best Note Taking Apps for Android.

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Google Keep Review.

If you own an Android, you are probably familiar with the note taking app by Google. It is highly recommended by people who love using Google’s services. It has a vibrant interface inspired by material design, which is both equally functional and aesthetically pleasant. The app allows users to add images and audio files to the notes; it can also be integrated with Google Drive to make it easier to share with others.

This app has excellent interaction with all other Google services; from emailing services like Gmail to Google’s cloud, Google Drive. An app that bears the seal of quality of the Internet giant and one of the Best Note Taking Apps for Android.

Material Notes Review.

This is a quite competent and professional app when it comes to taking notes on Android. It has a vast amount of options and safety features that make us consider it before many other apps if we think of saving a large amount of notes with sensitive information.

It’s can easily interact with Cloud services, which makes it very comfortable as well.

Material Notes Features.

  • Notes with reminders.
  • Organize by categories.
  • Protect notes with a Pin or Digital fingerprint.
  • Colorful notes with checklists.
  • Backup and restoration in Google Drive.
  • Optimized for tablets.
  • Customize notes with sources, themes, adjust text size.

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colornote for androidColorNote Review.

For a simpler version of Google Keep, try ColorNote. It’s an option to consider if you only need to write reminders and checklists. If you coordinate all the colors, this app will be like a dream come true. The app also has a calendar and support for users.

ColorNote enters this top as one of the most classic and as the one that’s been the longest time in the Play Store. Many of its features, we can find in other apps; but what makes ColorNote for Android special is the simplicity of it. A must-have note taking app for those who aren’t looking for, or don’t need, a lot of extra features.

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OneNote Review.

OneNote for Android is the mobile version of the famous OneNote’s desktop that’s part of the MS Office package. At first, it was just one more way of taking notes, but in recent years, it has become very powerful. It now even includes the option to attach audio and video files!

This app is fully integrated into the MS Office ecosystem, but this time, it’s way easier to use. You can include pretty much anything; images, to-do lists, and of course, freehand writing. Definitely, the most powerful in the list, although it doesn’t have that many stars on the Google Play. Because of all the features it offers, its usefulness makes it one of the Best Note Taking Apps for Android for those who know how to exploit its potential.

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Wunderlist Review.

Wunderlist seems to have always existed and is a to-do list app; it’s available on almost any imaginable platforms, even desktop.

Wunderlist will sync your tasks between your smartphone, tablet and computer, so that it’s easier to keep these in mind. In addition, you’ll be able to attach PDF files, photos and other files to items in the list. One of the most complete, functional apps for Android. The app’s strength lies in the communication with other devices such as PC and tablets. A classic that could not be missing among the Best Note Taking Apps for Android.

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