Best musicians apps for Android

Top Best musicians apps for Android 2017.

Smartphones have become every time more important in our lives; they are now kind of a mandatory companionship. Every day, we use them for much more than making calls and texting. They are nowadays a very useful multifunctional tool, and music is only one of the things they can help us with.

So, now here’s a list of 5 of the Best music apps for Android that can help you when it comes to making music. Whether you’re an experienced musician or just a newbie, you will find on here something you may find useful and you’ll find out (if you hadn’t already discovered) how to make the most out of your phone when it comes to making music.

Best musicians apps for androidYouTube app Review.

Let’s get started with something very basic. Many think YouTube isn’t an app for musicians; that it’s just a platform to upload videos in general, and that’s technically correct, too. But truth be told, you can take advantage of YouTube at the time of making music. Independently of your skills.

This is the biggest video database, so you can find anything. Many of us had our first approach to music looking for a cover or tutorial for a song we liked as kids. The same way, many musicians have emerged from this platform. If you’re an already experienced musician, you can see and study the work of others, and find potential colleagues and more. That’s how we know YouTube is one of the Best musicians apps for Android.

Best musicians apps for android 2017

Cleartune Review.

Now we’re getting started, entering the field a little further. With it, we find ourselves something key and basic tools for a musician; we are obviously referring to a tuner, a tool you can’t be without. Thanks to apps like this, we can always have one with ourselves on our smartphones. Now, we know the tune niche apps for Android is one field with many options, but none has as many customers as Cleartune does, which is used by groups such as the Black Keys, The Killers or Gorillaz.

The app has many options and stands as one of the best tuner apps. Don’t let its simple and user-friendly interface trick you; truth is it has many features and is undoubtedly one of the best tuners for Android.

Lyrically Review.

Memory isn’t infallible, and when it comes to a song’s lyrics in specific from a whole repertoire, we can easily make a mistake. To avoid this, it’s always good to have apps for song’s lyrics, although we talk about songs by famous authors. We also speak of a catalog of more than one million songs; so, if you are a cover singer, this app will quickly feel like the app is godsend.

It’s an application powered by Lyrics Wikia, in which you’ll find lyrics for a vast majority of songs. In the same way, the catalog is constantly updated, and that’s not the only thing the app makes. The app can also search for the music you play on your phone and find the exact lyriccs for that song.

Irealpro Review.

When talking about best musicians apps for Android, maybe we are covering a giant field within the app market; but from them all, we doubt you find one more useful than this one.

Irealpro is an app that accompanies you to play your music, with other instruments such as piano guitar, drums, etc. In 2010, it figured in Times magazine as one of the 50 best inventions of the year. It’s available at a price that may seem a little expensive at the beginning, but if you give it a chance and try the tool out, you’ll realize it’s totally worth the money. Especially if you practice a lot in the solitude of your own home.

Spotify for Android Review.

Finally, same as the beginning: this may seem like a silly option, at the same time that absurd and obvious; in fact, we consider essential for a musician not only to make music, but listening to it. Either you’re listening to artists as a reference, or simply relaxing while listening to your favorite music, doing so is crucial when it comes to the creative process of making music. So, we thought it would be crazy for us not to include a music app in this list of the best musicians apps for Android.


And this is how we give an end to the list. Yes, we do know there’s only the smallest amount of apps this kind available in the Play Store; but from the vast number of apps for musicians, we chose the ones we think are essential.

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