Best Music Apps for Android in this 2017

Most Popular Music Apps for your Android Device

One of the activities we constantly do on our smartphones is to listen to music; this accompanies us in our daily lives and at all times. Many of us hear music at almost any time, even when we work.

This is why it’s important to know what the best music apps for Android are; with which one we’ll make this important experience in our lives more pleasant, comfortable and easy. On this list, we’ll leave you from music streaming free apps to players and different services.

Top Best Music Apps for Android

bRadio Review

bRadio is a free music streaming system, focused mainly on a Latin audience. With its excellent apps for Android and IOS, not only can you create playlists and listen to personalized radio stations, but also create a user profile according to your likes and dislikes when it comes to the songs that begin to roll on your virtual Jukebox.

At the same time, by having a personal user, you can access the system from different platforms and listen to your favorite music. Whether on your mobile, tablet or PC via the browser, you’ll be able enjoy this service. We can recommend bRadio since it’s one of the most popular music streaming apps; it has a great selection of music for all the tastes.

Although bRadio possesses a large library of all kinds of music, we could say its fort is Latin music, given that’s the most extense collection the app has on its library. For lovers of the good Latin music and that tropical flavor, bRadio is definitely a better yet option.

Best Music Apps for Android

Poweramp Review

Poweramp is the best music player for Windows which is now also available on Android. It brought with it almost all the features you could wish: support for a handful of formats, equalizer, crossfading, reproduction without silences, widgets for lock screen and much more.

You’ll have to pay out some money to use Poweramp, but you can count on a free trial version for 15 days to check if the app is made for you. The app comes with a lot of in-app customization options so you can make it truly yours. After the free trial period, you must pay $3.99 on Android to use the service. But is there’s something we can say is that if you are one of those who enjoy good music and are looking for a powerful player accompanying it with various options and even equalizers, then Poweramp is definitely what you are looking for, one of the Best music apps for Android we can recommend.

Soundcloud Review

The best about having Soundcloud installed on your smartphone is having access to all that music they don’t play on the radio, not even on specialized websites. Discover before than anyone band with a future with just accessing the app. There are three columns divided into genres (jazz, dancehall, indie, rock, pop, reggae, ambient), music (according to a style or an artist you choose) and audio, with a wide selection of podcasts. A suitable application for those who are bored of always listening to the same. One of the Best Music Apps for Android to discover anything new.

Spotify Review

Instead of filling your Android with music and occupy a lot of the storage, you can play your favorite songs on the streaming app, Spotify, which recently became available in Latin America.

The app, which you can download for free from Google Play, offers us not only to find and play songs, but also create or edit lists, and perform social functions. Spotify requires that you have an account: it can be free but ad-supported or paid and without those annoying ads that keep interrupting.


One of the most popular apps in the world in terms of music is Shazam; this is an app that cannot be missing on the phones of all lovers of good music. Many already know Shazam, but just for those who hadn’t heard of it before, we’ll tell you here what it does.

Sometimes, you’re in a bar and listen to a song you liked a lot, and you want to know what song it is to enjoy download it. But the following happens: you don’t know the name of it. The solution is simple. You pull out your phone and use Shazam; by recording just a fragment of the song, this app tells you almost everything the same, from the name of the artist who sings it to album to which it belongs and data. SHAZAM is definitely of the Best Music Apps for Android that we must have.

TuneIn Radio Review

This is possibly the most famous radio app we can find on the Play Store. With this app, you can enjoy any station. And when we say any station, that’s actually any. All radio stations there are both in cities as on Internet, they are options for TuneIn Radio.

And not just for music, but also audio books. Even games of the NFL and NBA Live. You can search by artist, radio station or program and enjoy the moment of whatever you want. With a Premium account, you can do so without interruption and without advertising. For this and much more, TuneIn Radio wins the title and a place in the Best Music Apps for Android.



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