The Best MOBAs for Android

Top Best MOBAs for Android

Best MOBAs for AndroidVainglory Review.

We have already mentioned this MOBA before. That’s because of the recognition it has earned in the Android gaming community as one of the best on the Play Store; to be more specific, of the MOBA genre. This could easily be the second, or perhaps the best MOBA for Android.

Unlike many others we’ll be presenting in this list of the best MOBAs For Android, this one has consolidated its position with a great independence. It’s doesn’t owe its fame to being based on the famous League of Legends or any other game; it has a quite particular game mode of its own. To the date, it has a solid user base, which has even lead it to boast tournaments with real prizes of up to $120 thousand or more.

Also, it has been one of the MOBAs for Android with more balance in terms of in-game purchases; it doesn’t cause any upset among its players as those who give real money only have access to improves, mostly on the visual spectrum. Simply skins, that’s all. The game is free but contains in-game purchases, as we mentioned.

vainglory review

Heroes of Order & Chaos for androidHeroes of Order & Chaos Review.

As in almost all tops we make on Android games, it can’t be missing a Gameloft insignia under that genre. Here, the famous video games developer has also left a mark with a well-known title that has already more than one installment delivery; in addition, it has established itself as one of the Kings of the MOBA genre on Android. It’s Heroes of Order & Chaos, which you have possibly heard about before.

Heroes of Order & Chaos is a MOBA mobile game with excellent graphics, a complete playability and a varied Gallery of characters.

The title is completed with large maps and several options of online gameplay. You can play games with teams of up to three and five members. There are also included renowned Gameloft events, which delivers daily rewards.

Heroes of Order & Chaos review

Heroes of Soulcraft for androidHeroes of Soulcraft Review.

This is one of the newest titles to hit the Android platform under the MOBA genre, but at the same time, one that’s gone under a pretty good development. A 4.1 score speaks by itself.

Heroes of Soulcraft for Android offers quick, fun and frantic action, games which would ensure us a good fun time of approximately 15 minutes, which is what each game lasts on average. That makes it perfect for long trips.

It has some interesting features that made it earn a place in this list of best MOBAs For Android. One of these special features is that if any player goes AFK during the game, the system will be able to replace it with another active player; this would save us a lot of time and frustration we usually get when losing a game because of an AFK. Another attractive feature are 2vs2 games, which are much quicker but quite fun as well; you’ll be done with it within approximately 5 minutes.

Heroes of Soulcraft review

Ace of Arenas for androidAce of Arenas Review.

With more than 3 million players around the world, Ace of Arenas enters the category of best current MOBAs for mobile. It offers a friendly interface, a wide range of Champions, alongside a great visual quality. It is probably the MOBA that resembles League of Legends the most from the Play Store.

Games will be designed so that they last a few minutes; we’ll be able to play against an AI or other real people in frantic battles 1vs1, 2vs2 or 3vs3. About the playable characters: we’ll get more than 25 different elections with their respective talents and trees of skills. A true success.

The graphics are incredibly good and will remind many of League of Legends. The large number of players and LoL directed nostalgia this game generated places it as one of the most popular MOBAs for Android and one of the Best MOBAs for Android to ever come out.

Ace of Arenas review

This genre isn’t unusual on this platform. There are plenty of MOBAs for Android in the Play Store ecosystem; many of them, very good and recognized. On this list, we have only mentioned some of the most popular and interesting; we know there are many missing. We’d like to hear your opinion for a second top Best MOBAs for Android. Please leave a comment down below and let us know!




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